Family Ties: Fun Ways to Make Family Memories That Last


If you want your kids to look back on their childhood with nothing but fond memories of all the good times shared together, you need to be proactive. You need to make special memories by planning lots of fun family activities no matter what stage of life your child is at.


Ideally, you should look for things you and your kids have in common and build upon that common interest to plan fun family days that everyone can enjoy, but if your kids are still too young to have much of a preference, or you don’t know where to start, here are some fun ideas that will lead to lasting family memories:


Take a Camping Trip


Camping and hiking are activities that can be enjoyed by children of almost any age, providing that you tailor the trip to their age and ability. Spending time outdoors, away from computer games and the distractions of the internet is a great way to bond, learn and grow together. It’s also lots of fun!


Play a Sport


If your kids have a favorite sport, get involved. When they’re not playing Little League or having fun with their friends, offer to play with them, but don’t take it too seriously and act like a coach! Just enjoy the time spent with your kids, and they will look back on it more fondly than they would if you were pulling them up on every wrong move.


Have a Photoshoot


What better way to make lasting memories than to take a family portrait? Many families hire a family photography specialist to capture their family’s image once a year until the kids are grown, but you could just do it once or twice during their childhood. Let the kids dress up and make it a fun thing, rather than a chore, and every time they see the picture on your wall, they’ll smile as they remember picture day.




It’s surprising how many adults remember the times when their parents simply talked to them. Being treated more like an adult is something teenagers in particular appreciate, so don’t be afraid to take time out to have a real conversation with your kids, they’ll look back on those quiet moments fondly.


Teach Them to Cook


Cooking is a skill that every child should learn, and it is something you can share with them from the time they are a toddler until they head off to college. Toddlers love getting involved in baking; kneading dough and sneaking a few chocolate chips as mom bakes peanut butter blossoms, is a joy to them. Teenagers, on the other hand, may prefer more sophisticated recipes, so take the time to share your secret carbonara recipe with them, or show them how to make a soufflé and they will be happy as a clam.


Whatever you do to spend time as a family, it is important that you don’t always call the shots. Let the kids choose what they want to do sometimes, take turns, make sure everyone has fun, and you’ll be a strong, happy family for life.


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