Put Your Best Face Forward: A Guide For Busy Moms


When you’re a busy mom, it can be so hard to find the time to make yourself look presentable for the day ahead. However, this doesn’t mean you have to walk around letting everybody know you only got 4 hours sleep last night. These ideas will help you to put your best face forward:


Keep A Good Skincare Routine No Matter What

If you can keep up a good skincare routine in the morning and at night, you might just be able to get away with applying foundation and concealer every day. To keep a good skincare routine, you don’t need to use expensive products. There are many value products you can use to get even, clear skin. All you need to do is make sure you’re consistent when it comes to cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. If you do wear makeup, take off your makeup with a double cleanse. Using serum and eye creams is also a great way to make your skin look incredible! Fancy a treat? Inland Institute and similar places offer skin treatments that could help to smooth out your complexion.


Apply A Primer or Glow Cream

If you have no time at all to apply foundation and blend it all in, quickly apply a primer or glow cream to your face. This will brighten you up and make you look as radiant as possible!



Get Your Brows Done By A Pro

Getting your brows done by a pro can be pricy, and you’ll need to look at testimonials to make sure this person can be trusted. Your brows frame your face, after all! However, with a nice shape and even a tint, you can really change your face. You won’t need to bother with pencil, and you’ll be able to get ready so much quicker in the morning. In general, a good eyebrow wax lasts 4-6 weeks.


Protect Your Hair As You Sleep

Hair styling can take a long time, depending on what you’re going for. Taking slept on bed hair from flat and knotty can take time. Not anymore! Protect your hair properly while you sleep, and you can wake up with hair smooth, shiny, and looking just as good as it did when you styled it the day before. This can seriously cut down on styling time and give you enviable tresses. You can use silk pillowcases for this, or something like the Silke London hair wrap.


Fake A Good Night’s Sleep

Busy moms don’t always get the sleep they deserve. So how can you fake a good night’s sleep? There are a few methods! Ensuring you drink plenty of water can help to brighten up your complexion and eyes. You can also find golden eye masks that you place under your eyes for around 20 minutes, to look more alive almost straight away. You can even apply something light and shimmery to your inner corners!


Hopefully these tips shave a lot of time off your routine in the morning, and you feel more confident going about your day!

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