The Peter Pan Effect


There are some things that we think we can’t do when we reach a certain age. Some things are definitely meant to be left behind in your teenage years, however; especially when you’re a mom and you don’t want to embarrass your children. But how do we know when and where to draw the line and are we missing out on something that could be vital to our wellbeing and happiness by putting it to one side under the guise that it is too childish or we are too old?


Show us them pearly whites!


Braces are a horrific distant memory to some, and to others simply something that they won’t consider even beginning to start in order to become something that we could look back on. A nice smile is a booster to both your confidence and good oral hygiene, and you can get dental consulting in regards to getting your smile straightened at any age; braces are not just for children. The sooner that you get your teeth sorted the better, and if it is something that you have been thinking about for a while then now is your chance. Don’t worry about embarrassing your children, as braces have come a long way since the train tracks and headsets of the 90s; invisible braces can be purchased dependent on availability and the fit for your teeth, and plus it’s for the good of you – they won’t be embarrassed when you’re flashing an amazing grin!


Learn to ride a bike


Most people can’t remember when they learned to ride a bike; it’s second nature to them. It’s never too late to learn a new trick, and with something like bike-riding it’s hard to show your children how to do it if you cannot provide a good example yourself. Get a family member or a friend to show you the basics; it may take a few attempts and some falls until you gain your balance, but it’s all part of the learning curve. Children have to go through the same thing, they just have less further to fall than you! It is a skill that you can incorporate into keeping fit and healthy with your children as well as being a fun thing to do as a family. Get pedaling!


Bonjour, Hallo, Hola!


Learning a new language is admittedly something that is a lot easier to pick up when you are a child, but it is never too late to learn. Not only will it help your cognitive skills develop as you are constantly having to process the translation in your head, but when you are fluent and confident enough you can travel to other countries and put your new skill into good practise there. It can be a bonding activity between you and your children, too – if you help them to learn and continue to hold conversations in your desired language, there will be ample opportunity for you both to become able speakers. Egg each other on and starting broadening your horizons.

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