Should I Stay Or Should I Go


It’s not easy deciding whether or not you should move home. In fact, there is so much to weigh up that I’m surprised anybody ever actually takes the plunge and makes the move! This seems like one of those decisions that could be procrastinated out of existence. After all, how much bigger could it get? Well luckily for you, we’re on hand to make the process all the most straightforward. We’re fairly confident that by the end of this article you’ll have begun packing your stuff together or planning a new extension that will see you committing to your current abode for several more years.



The Small Stuff


It’s easy to overthink the small stuff that bothers us; after all, it is the small stuff that makes up life. However, it’s important to think more logically about the things about your home that bothers you. Are these small things temporary, or issues that could plague you for the full time you live there? For example, if you find yourself googling ‘how long do bed bugs live’ or ‘when will the neighbour’s child stop screaming’, then it’s probably safe to say that you should maybe avoid any big decisions on the back of things that are only temporary.


The Big Stuff


Yeah, the big stuff is harder to work through. Because this is THE BIG STUFF, the actual important issues that might be here forever and ever. Then you need to ask yourself how much do these things bother me, am I able to get to passed it, and if I did move, would these problems be solved anyway? If you’re worried about the safety of your neighborhood, for instance, then you’ll need to determine if you could afford to move to a more stable and secure area. If you can’t, then you’d be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire – and at least you know the current temperature of your current surroundings.



What’s Motivating the Move?


There comes a point in every person’s life when they start to cast their eye far and wide…basically, boredom sets in, and we think we can remedy the boredom by making a change. But the solution to boredom isn’t necessarily a move of house; you’re able to invigorate yourself by doing any number of activities, such as traveling or picking up a new sport. You might, at the moment, be projecting a general sense of dissatisfaction on to your poor humble home. Get any other problematic areas of your life in order and see if that does the trick.


What Feels Right


With all that being said, sometimes a move of house just feels like the right thing. You can’t explain it, and there’s probably a dozen reasons why it might or might not be the best idea, but the important thing is that you’ve set upon a decision. And once that’s made, the best thing you can do is to follow your new course with boldness and conviction. If it turns out to be a mistake, then at least you know.

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