Hair Dos And Donts: The Love – Hate Relationship Of Women With Their Hair


Have you ever considered how contradictory women’s behavior about hair can be? On the one hand, you want great looking and voluminous hair. On the other hand you want the rest of your body to remain completely hairless like the skin of a snake. From the perspective of genetics, it seems impossible to have a strong and healthy mane while keeping your skin smooth on the rest of your body. Unfortunately, the modern standards of beauty require for women to be inventive when it comes to dealing with their hair problems and to always keep a few good tips at hand. Here is the incredible story of women vs. hair.


No More Hairy Feet

You may not be aware of it, but hair removal has always been around since the prehistoric times. While things might have changed a little regarding tools and techniques, the desire for people to show a hairless body is a keystone of human history. Cavemen began to use a form of hair scraping, primarily for beards but some have used it on other areas of the body, in an attempt to protect themselves by removing the possibility to grab for their adversary. Also, it is likely that hair removal was part of their hygiene to reduce body bugs. By the time of the Pharaohs, people starting to use waxing methods which were less harmful to the body. Hair removal was hugely popular under the Romans, where men and women would wax and shave. Now, this remains mostly a female activity, although there are growing numbers of male exceptions. The hair removal treatments now have greatly evolved, and it is not uncommon to find permanent or semi-permanent solutions for hair removal, such as what you can find at the courthouse clinics for example, among other beauty treatments.


Beautiful And Healthy Hair

It is important for women to keep a headful of hair throughout their life, as hair is a key factor on which one’s beauty can be judged. Consequently, women tend to turn to miracle hair cure to revive their hair and strengthen its structure against everyday pressure and damages. However, while a cure can help your hair look healthier, healthy beauty habits will make sure that you achieve lasting results. The most common rules to keep your hair strong and healthy are to avoid blow dry heat which is harmful to the hair structure and to limit your washes to two a week. But eating the right food can also help your hair to feel fuller and stronger, and therefore benefit better from a cure!


Target Grey Hair

Unfortunately, while most women would welcome white body hair, the prospect of a head full of white or grey hair is a nightmare. Hair depigmentation is a common phenomenon of age, but it can also be accelerated by other factors such as stress, autoimmune disease, and unhealthy habits. Consequently, it is not uncommon for women in their late 20s or early 30s to start using hair dye. There are also some natural methods to remove grey hair while keeping your hair strong, such as using coffee as a temporary dye to nourish your hair, for example, or applying a paste made of Indian gooseberries onto your hair.  




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