Symptoms Of The Modern Teenager, And How To Deal With Them


Being the parent of a teenager is never easy, no matter how strong your bond with them is or how resolute your character happens to be. Though it may be hard to get into the teenage headspace, you were like that once, and had to go through all the same fluctuations of mood and hormones. Here, I’ll look at some of the most common teenage problems, and the best way for you to handle them.

They Seem to Hate You

This is unfortunately one of the most common problems parents find in their teens. If your bundle of joy is now treating you like dirt, it can be frustrating and even depressing. However, just like a toddler shouting “no!” to everything, there’s a way to handle this phase. The one thing you shouldn’t do is return their apparent rejection. Teenagers know that they need their parents, even if they’re not too quick to admit it. If parents are too stubborn, it can lead to major fights and teens running away. I’m sure you don’t want to call a local private investigator just to patch up your relationship with your own kid! Try to weather this rebellious phase, enforce behavior standards, and don’t give into the temptation to butt heads!

Screens Rule their Lives


It’s pretty ironic that with the range of communication channels modern teenagers have – texting, facetime, social media and so on, they seem to be less communicative than us adults. However, it’s 2017, and forbidding that they use their devices is not only impractical, but could suffocate their social life. Still, it’s totally okay to set reasonable limits, and keep absolute restriction in store as a harsher punishment if it’s needed. Have house rules like no phones at the dinner table, during chores, or a cut-off point every night an hour before they’re meant to be in bed (adults could probably use this one too!). If they have a job, then one of the most effective ways to get them off their devices is to make them pay their own cell phone bill. This will not only encourage them to take a break here and there, but also teach them some basics about financial responsibility.

They’re Hanging Out With the “Wrong Crowd”

It’s extremely common for parents to have an issue with the friends their kid is making, and also to immediately paint their kid as completely innocent, and being led off the straight and narrow by the “wrong crowd”. The most important thing here is not to jump the gun. Believe it or not, teens can dye their hair, get piercings, listen to music about gang violence, and still be perfectly good kids. Furthermore, your teen is going to be so attached to their friends, that taking shots at their crowd will almost be like insulting them directly. However, if you have evidence that your kid is skipping school or taking drugs due to the crowd they’re with, a serious talk is in order. When that talk comes, avoid putting them on the defensive or forbidding them to see anyone.


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