Children & Chores: How To Make Them A Match Made In Heaven



Most parents dream of the day their kids will happily help them out around the home with various chores. Even if they would rather kick and scream than lift a finger right now, there are loads of reasons why this is something you should work on. Some reasons are that many hands make light work, and you will find that you can enjoy a lot more free time if you share the responsibility of the daily chores. Not only that, though, but it will help to teach the kids about responsibility and running a family household.


Are your kids dragging their heels when it comes to getting their chores done? Here are some great tips that can persuade them otherwise!


Turn It Into Playtime


There are loads of ways you can turn chores into playtime. One great way is to put on some music while you all hoover so that you can have a bit of a dance! It’s a good idea to do this with a cordless vacuum so that the kids can’t trip over a cable. You can read lots of cordless vacuum reviews online. You can give each of your children chances to be the DJ so that they can choose which tunes you should have a boogie to!



Give Them An Allowance


If you don’t have an incentive to offer your kids in return for doing their chores, there isn’t much chance that they will happily carry them all out. They may put up quite a bit of resistance as there is nothing in it for them! One great incentive is an allowance of pocket money. This also gives you something you can punish them with too. If they do not carry out all their chores in the time you give them, you can always dock a couple of dollars from their weekly allowance. If they aren’t so keen on losing their money, they will never do their chores late again!


Get Into A Habit


Kids love structure, and once they get into the habit of doing things, they will be a lot more likely to continue doing chores without complaining too much! Set aside a specific time of the day when your child should be doing their small jobs around the house. It’s a good idea to carry out your chores before they have free time to play and read. That way, they will want to complete everything as soon as possible because then they have more free time for themselves!


Chores Should Never Be A Punishment


You should never punish your children by giving them chores. Otherwise, they will start to associate them with bad behavior, and will never want to do them when you ask. The only exception is when your child misbehaves towards a sibling. You can then ask the badly behaved child to carry out a chore for their sibling. This is then showing them that they can carry out acts in order to apologize.


Hopefully, these tips will encourage your kids to get involved with the chores!

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