Bang-On Trend – The Fur Gilet

A flirty flurry of furs is defining winter, along with cold temperatures and snow and ice, depending on your location in the world.

Genuine fur is timeless and never goes out of style, but the most beautiful garments on the planet also pick up speed when the trend reignites. At the moment, the fur gilet is sizzling hot, and the fashion runways proved this multiple times.

Fur is an investment, especially if you’re dreaming of a full-length show-stopping coat. Don’t be discouraged, however, because you can frame your beautiful face in fur, easily afford the garment and still make that strong, stunning statement in a fur gilet, jacket or poncho. All three looks are polished and work in any wardrobe, adding a chic addition to your ensembles.

Color, pattern and type of fur all play a role in choosing the proper fur gilet, jacket or poncho. For example, some of the sharpest looking fur gilets feature coney (rabbit) or fox or a delightful combination of both.

Imagine a soft, cozy fur gilet that hits around mid-thigh with a pretty fox trim collar. The beauty of both fur textures is striking and the ideal garment to welcome the crisp air. Go ahead and touch one; you’ll be hooked.

The fur gilet offers incredible versatility, as it can be dressed both up and down, from jeans and leggings to a sexy ball gown. The gilet works and layers your other garments attractively. The trend at the moment, is wearing a fur gilet over a winter parka. Talk about warm and glamorous.

Many celebrities in the UK and US are obsessed with the fur gilet, because it offers the right touch of fur both on and off the red carpet. Famous women like Kim Kardashian, Pippa Middleton, Elizabeth Hurley, Olivia Palermo and Jennifer Lopez say yes to the fur gilet.

Genuine fur ponchos and jackets are another classic way to get your fur on, without adoring yourself from head to toe. A fur poncho, like the fur gilet, are both timeless garments all year long and an added bonus to your modern style.

A fur poncho is so easy to quickly slip over the head, and you’re good to go. It’s a versatile piece that features a pretty pattern of fur with amazing texture that’s soft and dreamy. These fur garments like their sister gilets, come in soft pastel shades like dark pink, light purple, silver gray or classics like white, brown or black.

The fur poncho can be adorned with fur pom poms for a sassy and feminine touch. You can’t go wrong choosing a garment that plays well with skirts, dresses, jeans, leggings or even sweats. Pretty ponchos made of fur feature cool, urban chic.

Genuine fur garments are tough to surpass in warmth, softness, eye appeal, durability and quality. Maybe that’s why these garments have stood the test of time and never fade away from the definition of style.

A fur gilet or fur poncho strikes the perfect fashion note.

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