Get The Party Started: Great Ideas For Kids



The pressure to host a kids party gets greater as they grow older.  Some of you may have been throwing parties since their first birthdays, but others may find the whole idea of hosting an event like this, petrifying!


Kids parties are great because unlike adult parties it doesn’t take a huge amount to impress and entertain children and there are loads of venues that take care of it all for you.


The first place to start is to think about a theme.  Get chatting with your kids and find out what is cool and what makes them excited.  Not all little girls dream of the ultimate princess party and some boys may think a Frozen themed event is the coolest thing on earth.  This should be about them so get as much input as you can then … get to work.


Choose your venue.  If you have a large family home then it’s a great way for children to show off their bedrooms and for you to get together with moms.  Although the idea of 15 little terrors, fuelled on party food, running through the house may make your hair stand on end.  There will be plenty of mess to clean up too! It may be worth looking into hire venues such as local halls or even centers that specialize in the kids party.  The popular play zones are great or you can choose a sporting venue to help keep your kids active!



The cake is the centrepiece of all birthday parties and is probably something your child has really thought about.  If you are able then bake one yourself to save money, there are lots of great recipes online for building a castle out of cake.  You could go alternative with a tower of macaroons, little colorful bite size treats which look like a huge rainbow when towered on top of each other with a flare standing proud.  Other ideas are finding the best donuts in your area and creating a huge circular cake with beautiful bright icing and a variety of sprinkles.  These ideas are really simple for the all important party bag at the end.  


Getting the right entertainment is vital.  Some kids are scared of clowns, especially after recent events.  Magicians are wonderful especially illusionists.  Karaoke is a fun idea too or you could consider hiring some slot cars for a great game with prizes for the winner.  For the very brave you could manage your own birthday olympics.  Setting the children into teams and giving them funny challenges.  Involving food always goes down well.  Sticking an After Eight mint on their heads then watching them try and get it into their mouth without using their hands is much more entertaining to watch than pin the tail on the donkey!


Whatever you choose just have fun and get involved.  These memories stay with children for a lifetime and help keep their social circles fun and varied.


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