Hygge Up Your Home


Hygge is the Danish tradition of making your home and your life warmer, cozier and happier all round. It is a trend which has really caught on around the world in recent times, with more a number of books on the subject becoming popular sellers in 2016/17. Although many people are under the impression that Hygge is only for those cold winter nights, it is actually a trend that you enjoy all year round, and if you want to do just that, here are some simple tips to help you Hygge up your home:


Keep it Simple



The Danish people prefer simple. Plain color schemes, which promote calm relaxation over bold colors and even bolder prints, so use pastel colors, whites and beiges on your walls for an authentic Hygge look.


Keep Clutter to a Minimum


The Dane’s also prefer simplicity in terms of possessions, They do not favor clutter because cluttered rooms lead to cluttered minds and cluttered minds make it impossible to relax around the fire in the evening.


Candles Everywhere



Nothing says cozy and relaxing more than candles. If you want to be Hygge, you should put candles in every room; lots of candles, and make sure to light them every night. Soft lighting is kinder and better for entertaining than harsh lights which hurt the eyes and leave nothing to the imagination.


A Beautiful Bed



There are few things more Hygge than spending the day relaxing in bed reading watching TV or enjoying the company of your partner, so if you want to get Hygge in the bedroom, you need to invest in a  beautiful bed, which looks good and feels cozy. The key to a Hygge bed is, perhaps, the mattress. You need a comfortable mattress if you are going to be staying in bed for a while, after all. So, make an effort to find the top rated beds and choose wisely.


Of course, a Hygge bed rests not only with the mattress but also with the sheets. Choose layers of blankets, quilts, fleecy throws and plump pillows to supercharge your Sunday morning lie-ins.


Kindle a Fire


Telling stories around the fire as you drink a glass of wine and enjoy some quality family time is the epitome of Hygge. So, if you have an open fire, chop some wood and get it kindling. If you don’t already have a real fire, consider having one installed – it’s a relatively quick job for a professional, and it will transform your home into a cozy, romantic environment, instantly.


Add Texture



Hygge is all about the senses. The smells of burning wood and scented candles. The taste of hot warming tea or chilled white wine and the feel of the fabrics that surround you, so if you want to up your Hygge game, you will need to bring lots of texture into the home. You can do this with textured wallpapers, throws, furniture, and even food. Just make sure you have lots of different points of interest to tantalize all the senses.


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