Beauty Products It’s Totally Worth Spending More On



We all want to look our best, but the current cosmetics industry is so vast and complex, it can be difficult to know what is a necessity, and what is a luxury. There are some elements of our body and skin care which we can skimp on, but for some, the difference between drugstore own brand and luxury high-end is vast, and paying a little bit extra can do you the world of good. Here are four things that you should always head high-end for.


Makeup brushes

Whatever you do, throw the little brushes away that come with an eyeshadow palette – they’re about as useful as a piece of cheese on a stick. If you want a perfect smokey eye, a flawless base, or on fleek brows, you’ve got to have the right brushes. Cheap drugstore brushes aren’t as good at buffing foundation into the skin to leave an airbrush finish, or blending eyeshadow without creating fallout that smudges into your cheeks. The best makeup brushes are slightly more expensive, synthetic brushes, which will also last longer than cheaper brushes, making the extra cost totally worthwhile.


Heat protectant spray

Our hair is our crowning glory, but boy do we put it through a lot. From hair dye to huge amounts of direct heat, cold weather, and sunlight, we need to give our hair some TLC to keep it in tip-top condition. While all manner of conditioners and hair oils are great for fixing the damage we force upon it; a preventative measure wouldn’t go amiss either. A great heat protectant spray with UVA protection too (yes, sunlight really is terrible for hair) will keep it healthy, however much you straighten, curl, or crimp your locks.




Our skin goes through a lot with us. It has to put up with our monthly hormonal cycles, pollution from the city, and all the makeup we decide to slap on it on a daily basis, not to mention it bears the brunt of our bad dieting habits and our love of red wine, so it’s important to give it a bit of special attention. A good moisturizer and select anti aging skin care products are worth spending that little bit more cash on, just to ensure you’re giving your skin everything it needs to rejuvenate after the horrors we drag it through.



Foundation and concealer are super important, but actually, some drugstore brands have got a pretty amazing formula these days for coverage and wearability, so it’s best to ensure that the face you’re putting that product on is perfect and ready. While a good moisturizer goes some way, a high-end primer is going to help to ensure your product goes on smoothly, looks flawless, and stays in place all day and all night. Since so little primer is used with each application, a little bottle can go a long way so that it might seem more pricy, but you’ve actually bagged yourself a bargain.


Many beauty products from the drugstore are perfect for everyday use, but it’s nice to be able to splurge on something a bit more high-end occasionally.


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