Fight The 3 Worst Homeowners’ Fears


Zombie apocalypse, ghost, and storms. Do you know what these three have in common? They rank among the biggest fears of homeowners, according to a survey prepared on behalf of HomeAdvisor. Actually, 5% of homeowners genuinely admit fearing the potential of a zombie apocalypse and malevolent hauntings. We won’t be discussing how to defend yourself against zombies here – however, not letting them in seems to do the trick if you are worried about them -, but instead we’ll be looking at the issues that are more likely to affect you and your home.

Spooky Scary Zombie Flesh Eater Dead Apocalypse


I Have A Leak

Emergency repairs are feared by 25% of the US population when it comes to home improvement projects. Water damages are among the most common types of damage that hit your home. Indeed, whether it is a DIY renovation project gone wrong, such as accidentally bursting a pipe when changing the kitchen or the bathroom, or not setting your pipes properly, or rain pouring in, water damages can endanger your house structure and your health. As a result, it’s generally best to seek professional assistance as soon as you notice that something is wrong. For water leaks caused by a pipe or by your appliances, it’s best to call for both a plumber and a certified engineer. If your roof is leaking and causing water stains on the ceiling and walls, you will need to get a roof expert to check for roof breakage. Often, the water destroys your insulation system if it is under the roof: Get in touch with a professional to advise on the best material and hot, wet, and PUR insulation glue to repair the fault. Additionally, water leaks can infiltrate your walls and your inner structure, so you should work with a structural engineer to check the entire house.


I Have A Mold Growth Problem

Mold growth is a direct consequence of high air humidity. For most homeowners, the increase of humidity in the air is a natural process that occurs as the windows get old and let more air in, or maybe as a result of using a more traditional heating system. Water leaks can also facilitate the presence of mold. If you notice black mold on your walls or ceiling, it is important to act fast before your health is put under further pressure. Attend the area and remove the mold, using either a home remedy made of vinegar or tea tree oil or relying on chemical products. Your choice of solution will depend on where the mold patch is and whether you have animals and young children likely to reach it. Once the mold has been removed, you should invest in a dehumidifier as a preventive method.



I Worry About My Safety

36% of homeowners worry about theft and robbery. Indeed, it’s the feeling that you might not be safe in your own home that touches over a third of  American homeowners. While you can’t fully remove the feeling, you can take measures to limit risks and protect your safety. Using a professional security system to look after your house and contact the police in case of emergency is the preferred solution. You can even find wireless security systems that let you check on your house even when you are away!





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