Popular Store-Bought Foods you can Make at Home


The convenience of popping to the store and picking up some ready-made food is often enticing. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to assess the nutritional value of these pre-prepared products. So much salt and sugar are creeping into our foods, without us even realizing it! The solution is to try home-cooking as much as possible. Making our own food means that we can control the content and make health-conscious decisions for our families. Rest assured making some of our favorite store-bought products are super easy to make Plus you’re sure to cut the cost of the dreaded shopping bill!


Buffalo Wings



These snacks are right up there with the most popular pre-prepared foods most of us grab in a hurry. The wings you might pick up at stores of takeouts are often deep-fried in oil and then coated with a distinctive marinade. By making these snacks at home you can avoid the deep-frying element, for a healthier snack. There are loads of ways to make your chicken wings, but this is the traditional buffalo wing version…


Start by making a marinade. A traditional Buffalo wing marinade consists of cayenne pepper, hot sauce, and melted butter or margarine. Opt for margarine and use a low-fat version for a healthier alternative. Once you’ve made your marinade bake or grill the wings until cooked. Grilling and baking are much healthier cooking methods than deep-frying. All that’s left to do is smoother the wings in the marinade and you have a healthier alternative to store bought buffalo wings!





Bread is an essential everyday product that features on most shopping lists. From focaccia to french baguettes, bread comes in so many different forms. If you’re going to make your own feel free to experiment with flavors and types. For the amateur breadmaker it’s best to start off simply…


Invest in a good breadmaking machine. Choosing the best breadmaker for you is easy. Most are pre-programmed to offer you some options. They’ll also come in different sizes to suit your household and your loaf! Start by making a simple sandwich bread loaf. Using a breadmaker takes all of the hard work out of making bread- so you’ll be making multiple loaves before you know it! Add your ingredients, with liquids first followed by flour, select the appropriate settings and press start. Simple!





These brownies are so simple to make and taste amazing. There aren’t many ingredients and they cost so much less to make than buying the store variety. All you have to do is beat together your ingredients and bake! Add additional flavorings if you like to customize these brownies to your taste. You can adjust the sugar content as well, and try using honey instead for a healthier brownie!





Burgers are another convenience food that can be made at home in a much much healthier way. Avoid picking burgers up from a fast-food stop, instead grab some mince and make them yourself! All you need is one large egg to 500 grams of mince. Mix these two together with your hands. At this stage, you can add any spices, herbs, or seasoning that you want. Feel free to also add chorizo or bacon to your burgers at this stage. Shape into patties and griddle or fry!

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