Clicks And Cake: Amazing Gifts For Gamers


Birthdays! They can be amazing – but so, so hard to plan for. Think of a dad who knows nothing about Disney princesses, whose daughter wants the best Frozen style party!


Poor dad! We just want to give our kids the best birthday possible, but their interests and hobbies can leave us out.


Gaming is one of those interests, and it can leave us parents in the dark.


This article will serve as a go-to ‘cheat sheet’ if you’re a bit stuck with what to get your little gamers for their birthday – but do try to take an interest in their hobbies! It’s good fun and it will make you the expert on what to get them.


Anyway, on with the article.


Now, the simplest remedy to the yearly birthday question is this: Merchandise. The big games like Minecraft, Mario, Sonic and other releases like Halo and Pokemon all have merchandise tied into them. Books, shirts, comics – you know! If you’re really stuck for ideas – just try and identify your child’s favorite gaming franchise and buy the merchandise of that franchise. It shows that you know what they are into and allows them to rep their interests!


If you’re a creative type, into knitting or baking – you might take this shot to make your own, one of a kind, piece of gaming merchandise. What about a Super Mario scarf handmade by you? Or an edible Pokeball baked onto a cake? If you can use your skills and bind them with the interests of your child, you could give them the most unique present of all.



A lot of our kids are moving away from consoles onto high-powered gaming computers. Upgrades and items for these computers can bring a smile onto a little face. The humble monitor is a good starting point as it is pointless having a high powered computer if the monitor isn’t capable of displaying the graphics. Be sure to check out the comparisons of the best gaming monitors before you make your purchases.


Gaming comes with a lot of technical items – of course. This is where you can excel a bit. If your child requests a new game for their birthday (as they do), do your research. Does this game require an online subscription? Is it multiplayer? If you ask these questions, you can jump the gun and buy the online subscriptions or a secondary console controller to ensure your child has the most amount of fun from their game and doesn’t have to ask for anything else – because you already got it!


For example, if they ask for the new Playstation VR system – you might note that it doesn’t come with the required accessories. It needs a Playstation Camera and two Playstation Move controllers. Doing your research can save you an enormous headache on the day of the birthday! Not only that, but it might be you who saves the day thanks to your quick thinking.


The key to a good gaming birthday? Just a lot of good research!


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