Keep Your Child Entertained With These Free Ideas


As much as we love having the kids home at weekends, it can be hard to find things to fill the two days. After all, if you start taking them out to the movies or to a theme park, you will end up spending a small fortune by the time the weekend is over. However, there are some great ways to put a smile on your kid’s face during the weekend without having to spend a single dime. Therefore, here are some free ideas which will ensure you keep your child entertained.


Have a fun day outside in the garden


If the weather is lovely outside, it’s time to make the most of it, and get the kids out into the yard. After all, there are a wealth of activities you can do in the backyard for free. For one thing, you could go around the garden with your kid spotting any wildlife. Get your child to make a list of everything they see in the garden. And then you can tell them more about the insects and animals which they can then use when they are at school. Also, you could play some outdoor games with your kids in the backyard. For example, a game of football would keep them busy if you have a footie net in the yard. Or even some basketball would be fun with your family in the garden. And you might be surprised that your kids might love to do some gardening. It’s a fun way to kill a couple of hours in the yard. And your kid will love watching the plants flourish after they have tended to them.



Have a movie day inside your home


While going to the movies might cost you a small fortune, you can still have a movie day at home. For one thing, you can have a hunt for old DVDs you may have lying around the house. After all, if the kids haven’t watched it in a while, they will be delighted to see it again. Or you could even get a free app so they can watch movies from their tablet. A lot of people consider downloading the MovieBox App for iPhone and iPad – now available for free! After all, it will give your child a wealth of movies and tv shows to watch from the comfort of their device. And it will kill a couple of hours at the weekend! To make it feel like they are at the movies, you could even make some snacks like popcorn which the kids can enjoy while watching their flick.



Have a reading day with free ebooks


If you are lucky enough to have kids who can sit quietly with a book, you should consider having a reading day. After all, there are many free ebooks that you can download from sites like Amazon which will keep your kids entertained during the day. You could even read with them to ensure they have a great time. Or you could even get some audio books so that your kids can just listen to the story!



And if you are stuck for ideas, you could consider crafting with old things in your home. Or even do some baking with whatever is in your cupboards. You are bound to find items which will help your kid to make something great!


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