Tools Of The Trade: Buyers Guide For First Time Mums



If you are about to enter the world of parenthood for the first time then brace yourself! You are about to experience the most rewarding and exciting job of your life.  There will be loads of ups and downs as you get to grips with the biggest, and best, responsibility of your life but we have the ultimate guide to what you can buy to make your job a little bit easier, so read on.


By now you will probably have all the basic kit, a cot for bedtime, a pram to for keeping active and a host of new gadgets to help you sterilise, well, just about everything! However their a few things you pick up after your first baby that become your must haves for any future children.  Your newborn can’t always be by your side so ensuring you have a way of listening to them during the day or at night, is reassuring.  To help you find the best monitor that will last you through to the toddler years (and beyond) look at these baby monitor reviews.  Choose something which has a sensitive microphone and can pick up on breathing and movement.  Some come with a gentle light and soothing music built in which can help your baby feel calm whilst falling to sleep. You might also consider a camera for a little added peace of mind too.


The baby rocker is sometimes an underrated Mothers god send.  Especially in the first few months when you are trying to catch up on your sleep during the day.  There are various types from the very simple soft rockers which you, or your baby, can gently move yourself, or the more advanced which have a motor to gently rock your baby to sleep.  These are vital for helping you catch a little nap with baby right at your side.  The movement keeps them feeling reassured and can allow you to put her down to get some well deserved rest.  This article looks at 10 of the best on sale today.


Lastly, as your baby grows and starts to sit upright there is no better investment than the clever little gem, Bumbo.  Don’t be put off by it’s simple design or unusual name.  The Bumbo is the king of baby products.  Designed to support your child from every angle and made from a squidgy, safe material, it’s job is to help keep your baby upright and protected from falling out.  You can use it on the floor to encourage your child to sit up and play or incorporate it into your high chair to help keep them supported until they are a little more practiced.  You will find that this new skill they have learnt, helps them see the world in a very different way and can keep bored babies really happy whilst they watch you get on with some jobs.  It’s also easy to take with you if you are visiting relatives or friends.  Advice from our mum panel is that the Bumbo is one of the ultimate purchases for you and your baby.


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