Awesome Gift Ideas For Super Cool Husbands


Having a super cool husband is pretty awesome in almost every respect but one: they are impossible to buy gifts for. You can spend full days – maybe even weeks – thinking of the perfect gift, but ultimately, as soon as you see Mr. Latest Trends open it, you are watching for the slightest hint of disappointment in their eyes.


Of course, they never show it – they are the super cool ones, after all – but deep down you know that gift wasn’t quite right. So, if you find it a struggle to buy gifts for your always-on-point hubby, read on. These ideas should help point you towards the right direction.



Power tools


I don’t care how cool or uncool your husband is, you can’t go far wrong with buying them a power tool. There is something about drills, power saws and other electrical work tools that every guy loves. It’s a great gift for the creative, the practical, and the builder, and it will help your husband improve his DIY skills no end.


A pocket knife


Again, every man loves a good knife. Whether you are a family that loves camping or have a husband that loves going out for a stomp in the woods, a simple pocket knife will soon turn into his best friend. Sharpening sticks for the kids, cutting back overgrowth in the garden, or even just for sharpening a pencil in the most rugged way possible – the pocket knife is the ultimate small accessory for any man.



A vintage leather jacket


It doesn’t matter how old or young your husband is, a leather jacket should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. But not just any leather jacket – it has to have a particular vintage if you want your super cool husband to wear it. Think military or WWII air force rather than modern, and you will be on the right track. Buy the jacket, new, too – as your husband wears it over time it will mold to his body shape and become a unique piece of clothing that lasts him for the rest of his life.


A beard shaper/trimmer


Super cool dads tend to have stubble of some description – perhaps even a full-blown beard. And these things need tending, so a beard shaper or trimmer is an ideal gift. Before you buy your hubby this beardy gift, it’s crucial to understand some of the basics of buying shavers, clippers, and trimmers. And it’s also worth spending a little extra – a higher quality beard trimmer should last many years if maintained properly.



Whisky glasses


Unless you know your husband’s favorite whiskey brand, don’t try buying him a bottle – play safe and go for some awesome whiskey tumblers instead. It’s worth taking a look around at some of the options, as there is an incredible amount of choice, from tulips through to Glencairn-style glasses. Or, you could just go for the classic, traditional lowball rocks glass – perfect for filling with ice and whiskey and also ideal for serving whisky-based cocktails.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this gift guide for super cool husbands – let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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