Bringing the Outdoors In: How to Make Your Home Greener


There are so many benefits of breathing some new life into our homes. Creating an uplifting home environment is essential for anyone with a family, or a stressful work life. Some of the best ways to create a peaceful and relaxing environment involve utilizing the outdoors. Bringing natural and raw materials into the home is a great way to make a more tranquil living area. Here are some ways you can make your home greener, and create your own oasis indoors…


Decorate with Raw Materials



This is a really simple way to make your home greener. Start off small by incorporating some potted ferns into a room. You can scale this project up by growing your own plants indoors. For this you’ll need LED lights. To fully understand every feature of these lights, check out some online guides. There are so many benefits of bringing plants into the home. Having plants indoors is actually good for our health. House plants have air purifying qualities, so they filter out harmful chemicals. The very presence of plants in a room can also lower stress levels.


Use raw materials as furnishing in your home to create a relaxed ambience and tie your outdoors theme together. Logs are a great, and cheap, decorative addition to a room. They can be used to hold candles or even create a centerpiece on a table. Other decorative items you could use include shells. Don’t be afraid to bring these outdoor objects inside!





A key way to bring the outdoors in is to harness the light from outside. Much like a conservatory, we should try to flood our homes with as much natural light as possible. This can be achieved in some simple, and more extravagant ways. Start off small by removing blinds. These block the light from windows. If you have the budget, floor to ceiling glass doors are an amazing and effective way of bringing light into a home. These glass doors are a huge statement in any home and bring in lots of natural light. If you’re prepared to do some DIY, you could get creative with candles! Candles are a lovely way to illuminate a room, and are surprisingly easy to make yourself.





An easy way to incorporate the earthy theme indoors is to utilize color. A burst of color in the form of a rug, or a painting,coloring some much needed life and vitality into a room. Try adding some subtle outdoorsy designs indoors too. You could try using a blossom stencil on the wall, or add leaf patterns to a cabinet. Add some wooden hues to a room to add some raw and rustic materials. A birdcage light shade is a great way to use wood indoors.


By decorating your home with some nature-inspired objects, you should start to notice a more relaxed atmosphere. With so many benefits of an outdoors theme, indoors, what are you waiting for? Give some of these ideas a go!


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