Check Off The Bucket List This Summer



It might still be winter outside, but before we know it we’ll be right into spring, and then it’s only a matter of time before we’re in the middle of summer. Things tend to move pretty quickly when the sun is shining and we’re living life to the full, that’s why it’s best to use the winter darkness and chilly weather to take the time to plan our adventures. Specifically, what it is we actually want to do with our time on this earth. Naturally, we can’t do everything, but can do much more than we think we can do, and that’s why we need to create our personal bucket list. Get out a pen and paper and make the list, because we’re about to start planning it – and do some of them this summer!


No Time Like the Present


It often feels like we have all the time in the world, but think back to 2016 – didn’t that go fast?! And 2017 will move just as quickly, and 2018, and so on. As we get older we acquire more and more responsibilities and there’s always scope to put things off. Best to borrow, save, or loan money and put our dreams into practice! Don’t wait for the perfect time, make it happen.




Your preparations will depend on what’s exactly on your bucket list, but there are some good general rules to follow. First, it’s probably worth getting into training so you have the fitness to actually do the activities without getting tired. Second, as many bucket list entries have an element of danger it’s worth reading up on select quotes life insurance. Finally, make sure that everything in your day to day, normal life is properly taken care of – that includes agreeing time off work well in advance, making sure your home is taken care of, and so on.


Taking the Plunge


Everything sounds good when it’s a fantasy floating around your head. Skydive somewhere beautiful? Count us in! Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef? Why not! It gets a bit different when it turns into actual reality, and you’ll most likely be put off slightly by the realness of it all. You should ignore this feeling. Don’t fight it or try to convince yourself it’s not real – just ignore it. And then you should book it! Because as soon as it’s booked, you’ll start looking forward to it, and they’ll be no backing out. Jumping out of a plane, here we come!


Stories to Tell


There are few things sadder than a person late in life looking back on their existence with an air of regret. By taking your bucket list and making it happen, you’re insuring yourself against this feeling when you’re older. You’ll have stories to tell, will have experienced things that only a lucky few get to experience. You’ll have thrown yourself into life headfirst and made your dreams come true – and that’s something that should be on the top of everybody’s bucket list! So you better get planning….


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