Here Comes The Sun: Getting Your Yard Ready For The Warmer Seasons


It might not always feel like it, but winter is finally starting to make its way out in order to make room for the warmer months. Whether you enjoy the cold weather or not you have to admit that it’s about time that we all got to enjoy a bit of sunshine instead of being shut up indoors, safe from the elements. There’s one place that many people are going to want to spend a lot more time once the sun comes out and that’s out in their backyards. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as spending an afternoon sitting in the sun on your lawn, sipping a cool drink. It’s a great chance for the kids to get out and play where you can still keep an eye on them, and there are sure to be at least a few BBQs in the near future. But this does mean that you’re going to need to start getting everything ready. Over the winter, it’s pretty understandable that many of us tend to neglect our yards a little bit, but now the weather is finally warming up, and you’re less likely to get caught in a storm. So, with that in mind, here are a few things that you can do to turn your garden back into somewhere that you and your family can enjoy.


The lawn


The lawn is often the center of your yard and the place where you will spend most of the time enjoying yourself. So now is the time to bust out the lawnmower and get the grass trimmed down. If you let it get too long, then you’re just going to end with an untidy, lumpy lawn that no one can actually use. Not only that but the sun can’t reach a lot of the lower parts of the grass when it gets long to it ends up turning yellow and sad. One thing that is of great importance that gets ignored far too often is the correct way to dispose of grass clippings. If you’re cutting the grass getting ready for the winter, then it’s not a bad idea to let them sit there and become an extra layer of fertilizer, but if you’re mowing it in the summer then you should make sure to clear it away so that it doesn’t dry up and actually cause your lawn to brown quicker than it otherwise would.


Get planting



Now is the perfect time to start thinking about the kinds of plants and flowers that are really going to bring your yard to life when the summer months roll around. Nothing quite makes a garden feel like your own personal wonderland that the vibrant splash of color that comes with the fresh blooming of flowers. If you leave them too late, then they’re not going to bloom in time to get the sun that they so desperately need. Of course, as the weather warms up, it’s important that you remember to water them since you can’t always rely on the rain anymore. Different plants often have different ideal planting times so it’s important to figure out what you want in advance.

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