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I’ve always loved free samples, it gives me a chance to try something new that I might not try otherwise.I’ve found some of my favorite products and brands this way!


If you love trying new things as much as I do, PINCHme is a great way to do just that!


PINCHme is 100% free, and all you need to do is sign up by going to  You will fill out a pretty lengthy survey, but this helps to ensure you are offered samples that match you and your lifestyle.

Samples are generally available on a Tuesday once a month starting around 12p Eastern time. You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for a heads up on when samples will be available.  When you log in on sample Tuesday, you will then be able to choose from the samples you have available; all are completely free with free shipping.


Here are some of the items I received

After you have received your samples and have had a chance to try them out, you will then be asked to fill out a short survey on the products you’ve tried, so they can provide feedback to the brands. The next samples will be available February 28th, 2017, so make sure to sign up and then log into your account that day to see what samples you have available!


A few of the samples I’ve tried before such as the Olay body wash and the Ponds Anti-wrinkle cream. I was also excited to see the Essie polish and gel setter since it’s one of my favorite brands of polish.

The ScotchBrite scrubbing dishcloth is an item I haven’t t tried but worked great in the kitchen. It has a textured side for scrubbing caked on food from pots and pans, dries fast, and is machine washable and dryer safe. – It works better than the small sponges I normally use.  

The Shout Color Catcher was another item I was eager to try. With five people in the house and three messy kids, I am always doing laundry.  With Shout Color Catcher you can wash whites with colored clothes without worrying about the color bleeding onto the white clothes- definitely a time saver and a win-win!

The Hydralyte tablets are for fluid loss due to illness or sweating. I’m saving them for my husband who works outside; they will be especially handy in the summer months coming up to manage dehydration without all the sugar added that most sports drinks contain.

I love that I was able to try out and discover new products from PINCHme!

Have you tried PINCHme? Don’t forget to sign up and log in to see what samples you have available on Tuesday, February 28th!

I would love to hear what samples you were able to get. Leave me a comment below or on Instagram!

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