Party On! Perfect Parties for Parents


When you’re planning a birthday party for your child, there is a lot to take into consideration: how many and whom to invite? What’s the theme of the party? Will there be enough food, drinks, entertainment? Where shall it be?


The questions can be endless, but there needs to come a point where you put an end to it and knuckle down on what can get covered. Start the delegations early – if you can get family and friends to lend a hand leading up to and on the actual day, this will be a massive help to you. It gives you more time to get stuff sorted and ready. There are no people in the world who are more blunt and critical than children, so it’s time to get it right…



The Cake


What’s a birthday without blowing out candles? If you’re either hiring somebody to do the work for you or making the cake yourself, make sure that you don’t leave it until the last minute. You’ll be let down in one way or another; either by the cake maker not being able to book you in in time or you rushing to get a cake done and spoiling it or it not being perfect. Store-bought cake is as good as any, and you can add to the decorations by being an amazing topper. You could buy a custom bobble head to use on future cakes or buy a worded topper or character topper online. Sites like Etsy and eBay are surprisingly good for finding niche topics that your son or daughter may be interested in, so for example any background Disney characters that they may absolutely adore are more likely to be catered for on these sites.


The Invite List


If your child isn’t old enough to pick out who they want to invite then pick for them. If they are, listen to who they want at their party; it’s their day after all, and more may be revealed about their friend group than you had originally thought.



The Theme


For the more frugal among us, themed parties can be a financial nightmare – it will always cost more to stick to one train of thought rather than break it off onto others. Take a unicorn party, for example – if you stick to everything unicorn then you will be spending a lot of cash trying to incorporate everything that’s got this mythical horned horse on, which can be hard to do if it’s not on trend (luckily, unicorns are everywhere at the moment). Think like a salesperson and try and link it up to something related; rainbows, fairies, woodlands are just a few ideas. That way you can broaden your search and possibly even make your own decorations, food and party games as you have a few more ideas to work with. The party doesn’t even have to have a theme if they’re past the age of themed parties; just make sure that you have enough entertainment to prevent boredom throughout the time of the event and you’ll be onto a winner.

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