Reclaim Your Space: Why Your Bedroom Should Be On Point



It doesn’t matter if you are a single mom of two or you have a partner and one small baby, you will have worked out by now that your once beautiful home has become less of a beautifully designed sanctuary and is now a maze of mess and life.


Whatever their age, children create chaos and you will soon find you are using all your rooms to store washing, ironing, toys and all the other bits and bobs a growing family needs.  However, we all need a little bit of space to relax and a room to be proud of.  Your bedroom is probably the most important of all.


Another thing you will have noticed since having children is that you are getting far less sleep than you used too.  That could be because instead of feeling calm and tranquil in your bedroom, you are negotiating your way around piles of ironing and various other housework chores.  This has to stop.  It’s the season of the spring clean, so a perfect time to get to grips with your room.


First things first, when was the last time you upgraded your mattress?  They have a lifespan of seven years, so if you are sleeping on a ten year old sprung bed which has seen better days, treat yourself to the best memory foam mattress you can afford.  Even if your room is doubled up as a little extra storage space, having a bed which supports you and regulates your body temperature, is going to help improve your sleep and help make you feel a little more relaxed.


Make an effort to dress your bed everyday.  Invest in a beautiful throw and add a mix of large and small cushions.  It may seem strange to be dressing a bed when you will only have to take it all off again at the end of a long day, but the point is to have something that is yours, that looks beautiful all day and can be found the way you left it in the morning.  This will give you a feeling that you still have a little sacred area that is just for you.


Work towards keeping everything that adds mess out of your room.  If you have a spare room then take any laundry or washing and use this area to keep the ironing pile.  Strip your room back to complete basics so that when you open the door, you have no hint to the fact you have children, except for some beautiful photos on your walls.  It should be like walking into a luxury hotel in the evening.


You may not realise it now, but one child free room in your home can make you a happier, more rested and relaxed parent.  Imagine being able to sneak off when your partner comes back and sitting in a beautifully decorated room to read a book?  Or getting out of the bath and not climbing over toys to get to the bed?  


It’s your home too! So take a little of it back.  

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