Simple Decorating Tips To Get Your Home Brightened Up For Spring


Now that we are in March, we are well on our way to some better spring weather, right? Lighter days, fresh flowers and more sunshine is what it is all about. Which is a bit of a change from the long dark days that we get over winter. So instead of having your home full of thick throws, blankets, and candles, it is time to embrace some spring style. If you’re not sure where to start, then here are a few ideas for you.





Painting a wall is an easy way to make a room look different. It can be a little more complicated if you are going from having a wallpapered wall. But going straight from one paint color to another can be really straightforward. It doesn’t take much time to do either. But if you were thinking of repainting more than one room or even the exterior of the house, you might want to see if it is worth getting a painting company in to help speed things up a bit. Then you can have a freshly painted home ready for spring.


Change Your Wall Art


To brighten up a room, you don’t necessarily have to paint the walls a lighter color unless you really want to. Instead, you can change up the look of the wall by changing the photographs or wall art. If you don’t currently have much on the walls, then now could be the time to start thinking about some styles that you might like. Think about art and pictures that will give the vibes of spring. So think of flowers, fields and general outdoor pictures or art. You could simple replace the things you already have on the walls, or choose some other ways to display them, such as using a photo or art wall. If you wanted to change the style you could use shelving to display artwork, instead of having the pictures nailed directly to the wall.


Add Pops of Color


If repainting might be too much for you, then you can easily change the look of a room by adding colorful accents. You could choose an accent color for each room and then add in bright accessories like vases, rugs or cushions. When you add a soft color palette to a room, it makes it much brighter and gives the whole space an airy feel.


Fill Your Home With Nature


After months of it being cold and dark outside, it is now the time to embrace some of the outdoors. How you do that can totally depend on the style of your home. It could be that you choose to bring in wooden features, like bark or chopped wood for table centerpieces. You could get potted succulents to bring in some green vibes, or opt for bright spring flowers like tulips or daffodils.


Have you got any plans to redecorate the home this spring season? I’d love to hear what you might have planned to step into spring over the coming months.

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