4 Ways To Make Money Online Today (That Aren’t Scams)


Strapped for cash and need to make money quick? Whilst there are a lot of scams online, making quick money via the web is possible. There are conditions and you generally can’t make a living off of these methods, but they are out there for those desperate times when you need a bit of cash before payday but don’t want to fork out on a loan.


Fill out surveys


Surveys are the go to answer for many wanting a little bit of extra cash – particularly popular amongst students. Businesses will pay sites to host their surveys and these sites will then pay users to answer them. Online surveys can be time consuming and be about any topic. Sign up processes can result in a lot of subsequent spam, so it may be best creating a separate email address to deal with his. You’re also generally best sticking to a well-regarded site such as Swagbucks, as there are a lot of dodgy sites with hidden fees.


Sell old items


You can sell practically anything online, via a multitude of means. There are big sites such as eBay in which you can communicate directly with the buyer and sell to anywhere in the world (although you may have to pay for postage). There are local buy and sell Facebook pages where you can meet up with the buyer in person and accept the money in cash.


Of course, there is the chance you may not find a buyer for a while, which is where more instant methods come in handy. Some sites will pay you for an item before selling it onto a buyer, a good option if you want to sell your phone for cash. On top of this you have sites where you can scrap items directly such as broken computers and cars – items that are perhaps in too bad condition to sell.


Offer a service for a fiver


Do you have a talent that you can outsource to others for cheap? Many businesses looking to save money on outsourcing will turn to a site like Fiverr for some easy marketing. Your chosen role could be as simple as writing a blog post, photo shopping an image or creating a WordPress site. Alternatively there are non-business roles that you may be able to offer such as lending your voice to an animation, producing a beat for a rapper or photoshopping someone’s selfie. Whatever your talent is, someone may have a use for it.


Play the gambling sites


This strategy has its risks and you’ll need to do a bit of research first. Some gambling sites will offer free bets as part of signing up. Get lucky and you could win money off this free bet. Some people have been able to sign up to multiple sites and win a lot of money off free bets. You’re likely to make a few mistakes along the way and if you’ve got a previous rocky history with gambling – this is probably not the quick money-making route for you.


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