Brilliantly Unique Baby Shower Gifts


Whether you are a brand-new mother or a seasoned one, a baby shower is one of the best experiences you will ever have. To be able to have all your friends and family together to celebrate your new baby on the way is a moment not to be forgotten. If you’re attending a shower, you may not know what to expect from the mother-to-be or those who have put their heads together to organize a great time.

Websites like Pinterest have some fantastic baby shower party ideas that you can pinch if you are the party organizer, from games to food and décor ideas. If you are attending a baby shower, you may be confused about what you can buy for the mother-to-be. Some organizers will put a baby registry together, so you can choose a gift without clashing with another guest. However, if you want to be a little bit different with what you buy, check out our list of the best baby shower ideas for the baby or for the new mom. Never show up to a shower empty handed, take our advice instead!


Babies love bean bags, mothers love babies who sleep. Put the two of those together, and you’ve got the most genius gift. A bean bag provides support for a sleeping baby and it’s likely going to be a gift that no one else buys.

If you haven’t heard of it, have a look here for the Baby Shusher. Babies love to be reminded of the womb: it makes them feel safe. You’ll be in for many glasses of wine from the new mother if you can help her little cherub sleep soundly.

Gift giving doesn’t have to be in the form of something you wrap up. A gift of a photoshoot with a professional new born photographer is something sentimental that any mother who wants to capture those early moments will love. Photoshoots aren’t the cheapest gift so the memories you’ll be helping to create will mean so much.

Kitting out the new family with as many diapers, wipes, soothing creams and muslins as you can afford will always be a practical but unique gift. Nappy cakes are a popular baby shower gift, but a fort of boxes full of nappies to last a few months will always go down well.

Considering the cost of pram accessories like baskets and umbrellas, why not buy a storage caddy for the new pram? It can be a lifesaver when out and about and new mothers will always appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

Baby showers are a great event for the guests as well as the new mother, a perfect gift comes from the heart more than the wallet. If you’ve put some thought into what you bring to the party, that will count far more than the price tag of the gift. Always check the registry first before you purchase a gift, but ultimately go with what you think the mother would need or want for her child and you cannot go wrong.


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