Five Home Upgrades That Are Totally Worth Doing


Looking to improve your home and really get the most out of it? Since property generally increases in value over the years, and small changes can add big value spending on your home is always worthwhile. Here are just some of the upgrades you could consider.



Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation

While you might be a bit dubious of spending money on something you can’t see or appreciate, cavity wall and loft insulation is a worthwhile investment. It saves you money on your heating bill since heat isn’t escaping through the walls and roof, and in turn is good for the environment too. The less heat you use, fewer fossil fuels are being burned. Good news for our planet. Some areas have grants and discounts to cover the cost of this due to government initiatives, so you could check and see if there’s anything available to you.


Wooden Floors

Real wooden floors can last over twenty-five years if they’re looked after well. Because they can be sanded and re-stained a number times throughout their life, they stay looking good for the duration. They’re easy to clean, look smart and work well with any decor. Forget the carpets which can become stained and smelly. Ditch the laminates which can warp and peel. Have real wooden floors put down, and you won’t have to worry about flooring again for a long, long time.


Home Security

Home is the place we want to feel most safe and secure. It’s where we keep our hard earned possessions, and not to mention we want to keep our family safe. So home security is something every homeowner should carefully consider. A good quality CCTV system will monitor your home as well as any vehicles parked outside. A professionally fitted burglar alarm will both deter criminals from entering in the first place- and send them running if they do still try and enter! If you’re wondering when do burglaries take place most often, it’s during the day when you’re at work. So you need to be extra vigilant about securing your home as this is when it’s likely to be left unoccupied. Solid doors with good locks and high-quality windows are all other features of a secure home.


A Landscaped Garden

You spend so much time, effort and money making the inside of your home beautiful- why would you neglect the outside? During the warmest months of the year, the garden gives you a whole other ‘room’ or space in your home to enjoy. A gorgeous landscaped garden with well-established trees, shrubs, and plants will not only be nice for you to sit in but will also add significant value. So if you put your home on the market later down the line, you have an excellent selling point.



Expensive Taps

If a new kitchen or bathroom is out of budget, you can spruce up how they look dramatically just with new fixtures and fittings. Taps can make an old fashioned space look much newer and more modern, you might be able to get away with a superficial facelift. You could use a grout tool to remove old grout before refilling it- giving the appearance of fresh new tiles. You could pull out grotty old sealant and replace this with nice new stuff. You could change the handles on drawers and cupboards.


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