The Guide To Happy Children


It would be nice if there was a straightforward guide to parenting and creating the happiest child on earth. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all guide to children, as every child is different and every child is, most importantly, their own person. They can’t be “molded” into our idea of the perfect person, no matter how nice it might seem if that were the case. However, it’s good that our children are free, independent people with their own wants and desires in life. Our job as parents is simply to help guide them towards the happiest version of their life possible and let them do the rest.




Whilst there may not be an objective and universal guide to parenting or helping to create a happy child, there are ways to ensure your little one has the best shot at feeling fulfilled in life, as there are near-universal concepts to soothing our manic, overwhelmed minds. Better yet, helping your child to overcome their worries or struggles whilst they’re young will better prepare them for adulthood and the hurdles they shall have to overcome when they’re older. If you’ve no idea where, to begin with making your child happier, however, then here are some great pieces of advice to help you.


Exercise leads to a happy mind.

This is a piece of advice which applies to all people. Keeping the body active is crucial to keeping your mind active and happy. This applies just as much to children as it does to adults, but, whilst an adult may feel motivated to go out and jog, a child is often a little more resistant to doing things which he or she finds “boring”. The key to an active and happier lifestyle for your kid, then, is to make exercising fun.


Don’t tell your kid to exercise more, but guide them towards something fun which will keep them active. You could head on over to to get some help with choosing a bike, rocking horse or any other rideable toy you could imagine for your child. Toys are a great way to make exercise fun. Your child likely doesn’t want to run a marathon (just yet), so thinking of fun ways to remain mobile could be the key to keeping their body healthy and, in turn, their mind. Playing sports or simply messing around outside with friends will keep your little or not-so-little child fit and fighting.



Improve their sleeping pattern.

As our kids get older, it’s likely that they might start feeling a little rebellious and staying up later than we tell them they should. Over at, however, the importance of a good bedtime routine is made very clear. This isn’t just about keeping your child from yawning all day, as a lack of sleep can also lead to an unhappy kid in the long run. Discouraging them from using technology, such as watching TV, before they fall asleep is crucial, as bright lights and electronic screens will only keep their mind active for longer whilst they’re trying to fall asleep.



Remember to keep yourself happy.

Interestingly, an article on suggests that the key to a happy child lies in happy parents. Your kid feeds off your energy and learns from your example, so a depressed mood or sense of fulfillment emanating from you might be replicated or “absorbed”, in a sense, by your child. If you want to help your little one to feel happier, then it starts with a happy household and happy, supportive parents.

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