5 Habits of Perfectionist Homeowners



When you own your own home, there are certain things that you may be doing differently to others. Everyone has their own style; you may dust your skirting boards every week, whereas others leave it until they can make marks in the dirt with their fingers. You could have piles of books lying around on tables, but some prefer to put up shelves to house them as soon as they can. But if you’re a perfectionist homeowner, or you’re aspiring to be one, you will need to get these things down to a tee…


Deal With Root Problems


Perfectionists tend to start from the bottom and work their way up. If there is something wrong with the foundations of the house, they’ll ensure that they get it sorted by a verified professional as soon as they possibly can. The job will not be complete until everything is given the green light. You can read more about the serious problems that can go wrong with your property on this blog post, but perfectionists are already one step ahead and know everything that could potentially go awry; they’ve already done their research. Most likely they have contacts in the industry to help them should anything not quite be right.


Be Up To Date


Everything must be up to date – and this is not primarily technology. House perfectionists need their doors to be secure, their windows to offer the best insulation and soundproofing. and the pointing on their brickwork to be just-so.


Concentrate On The Outdoors


If you are a perfectionist, there will be no need to stress if it ever comes to selling your house. The outside will naturally have a lot of curb appeal, and if you drive past on a sunny weekend it is always the people of this nature that are outside touching up the paint on their fencing, trimming down shrubs which already look perfectly manicured and mowing the lawn on which the grass has never grown past 3cm.


Pristine On The Inside


Naturally, if the outside is looking good then the inside of the house will look great. You will find that perfectionism goes hand in hand with minimalism; if there is less clutter in a space to make a mess then all the better. Perfectionists tend to stick to a neutral scheme with little pops of colour delicately placed to accentuate certain features – so perhaps a coloured lamp against an otherwise bland wall. If you have a lot of stuff but are aiming towards the minimal lifestyle, consider looking up Marie Kondo and her decluttering regime.


Sniff Sniff! Be Nosey
All senses come into play with perfectionists – and not least the sense of smell. Walk into the home of somebody who takes a lot of pride, and they will have planned the smell that you walk into. Whether it’s baking, fresh flowers or cotton, you can be sure that you’ll leave with with a dreamy scent floating around your nostrils. It’s just the way they roll.

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