No More Strife: Give Your House A New Lease Of Life


There comes a point when a home starts to fall apart and become so worn that it gives us no end of grief. Rather than fixing and endlessly re-fixing a million small issues around your home every week, it might be time to end the strife and give your house a new lease of life. Whilst there may be some sentimental aspect to parts of your home, most of the time we end up hoarding things which we think are important to us, but we’ve actually just struggling to let go because of nostalgia or a fear of change. You’ll find, however, that you’ll be much happier in your home if you let go of the old, broken things which are giving you grief. Here is some advice on where to begin if you want to refresh, redesign and overhaul your current home’s layout.


Plan ahead.

The key to redesigning your home is knowing where you want to begin and how far you want to go. Forming a plan is a great way to reach around your brain and pinpoint the things you truly want to change about your house. In many cases, a lick of paint in each room of the house is a great place to begin when it comes to giving the place a “new” feel. In many cases, this may be all a room needs, and if you start with a base color such as color or cream, then you’ll know you can always change the colour theme in the future.


This will help you strip rooms to basics and figure out how well you’re utilising space, perhaps, or which furnishings just stand out like a sore thumb either due to age or an outdated aesthetic. Sometimes it’s hard to know what needs to be changed until you start changing things, but it helps to form a plan before tackling the task at hand. Usually, that plan will start with a paint job.



Give your house a deep clean.

Continuing from the last point, most old houses can gain a new lease of life simply through being cleaned properly. This means more than scrubbing a few surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom; this means a deep clean which brings the house back to the level it was at when you first moved in. You should consider, when bleaching wood, using a natural, organic finish to really remove old stains; whether this involves flooring in your house or an old, wooden table, perhaps. Perhaps after a paint job and a proper clean you’ll already feel better about the state of your home.




Give the exterior some love.

People love to make the inside of their homes pretty and comfortable, but a neglected garden or an uninspiring front to your property is going to leave you feeling the same as you always have every time you come home and are faced with your house. If you truly want to give your home a new lease of life you need to put as much time and attention into reinvigorating the exterior of your property as you do with the interior.


You could turn your garden into a space just as cozy as your living room in preparation for those warm summer days. The garden can be a room in itself if you just put a little time and thought into landscaping. Perhaps you’ve dabbled in gardening before, but garden DIY can be much more fun than simply planting flowers or removing weeds if you get just as creative with it as you would with any room within your house. You could add a comfortable patio area with soft, plush loungers

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