Upgrades To Make To Your Bathroom


Ever visit someone else’s bathroom and find yourself blown away by their facilities? More and more people are investing in their bathroom after being inspired by things like hotels and Pinterest. Plus, if you are going to put money into any room in your house after the kitchen, it should be your bathroom, as it is arguably the most valuable room in your home. With that in mind, why just stick to the basics when putting together the bathroom of your dreams? Most people just stick to the basic bath/shower, a sink unit and of course, the toilet. But there are plenty of ingenious bathroom facilities on the market that can transform this room into something special. With some of these awesome bathroom additions, you won’t want to spend time in your living room ever again!

Shower electronics

Yep, usually, this phrase would appear contradictory – after all, how on earth can you safely have electronics anywhere near your shower? Of course, certain waterproof sound systems have existed for years, whether we are talking waterproof radios or CD players. But more often than not the sound that is produced from them is fuzzy and poor, and in either case, we can’t hear it very well over the sound of the shower stream anyway. Recently, however, technology has advanced in such a way that there are now plenty of ways for us to listen to music, or even watch television in the shower. One such example is the iShower Bluetooth device, a water-resistant device that you can easily connect your smartphone to. It also features controls for play and pause, next track and volume, so you can easily control your choice of music mid-way through your shampoo. You can also get hold of a variety of waterproof TVs which can be installed directly into your shower, and many feature a steam-proof screen, so you avoid condensation too.



The lighting you have in your home is often the key to setting the ambiance, and your bathroom is no exception to this. Spotlights have been hugely popularized in modern bathrooms thanks to people trying to mimic the ‘hotel look’ – but why stop there? Colored lighting, in particular, can easily change the whole feel of your bathroom, whether you’re settling down for a relaxing bath or starting the morning with an invigorating shower. Color changing LED lights are the most popular choice, and you can even get shower heads that have these lights built-in to them too.



A bidet

We all know that the primary purpose of a bathroom is to take care of your personal hygiene. You will notice that any remotely fancy bathroom includes a bidet, so why not take the plunge and get one installed yourself? There really is no better way to take care of your personal health in the bathroom, so much so that these will change your life. Look for a bidet that that matches your current bathroom suite so that the style is continuous throughout. Or, if you are planning on tearing out your current bathroom to start afresh, make sure you incorporate a bidet seat into the new suite you choose.


Revolutionary shower heads and bath jets

Why wait until you visit the spa to get that luxury feeling right at home? There are now plenty of revolutionary shower heads and jacuzzi tubs on the market that can make all your bathing experiences that extra bit special. Pay close attention to the size of the shower head when you are buying a new one. Waterfall showers have become ever more popular and readily available in recent years and can truly make you feel as though you are bathing somewhere scenic and tropical. Larger shower heads, in general, mean that the water flows over a much greater surface area, so you don’t have to turn and twist so much in the shower just to get clean. There are even some shower heads that you can run aromatherapy oils through, giving you a colored and beautifully scented stream of water. Jacuzzi baths are also very popular and come in a range of shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that is comfortable for you to sit in. Go for one with varying jet streams, although be aware that some of them can be very loud, which can sometimes detract from the relaxation of the experience! Some also incorporate massage features and even have little places for you to secure a drink so that you can live in the lap of luxury even just for an hour!

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