Surprising Reasons Why Your Child Needs A Smartphone


When your pre-teen child asks you for a cell phone, your first instinct might be to roll your eyes in disgust. Many parents and anyone of the typically ‘older’ generation find it bizarre that so many kids these days are so dependent on technology – and yes, in some cases it can be a concern. If you monitor your child’s relationship with the family tablet or their gaming console and they spend more time on it than off it, then it’s only natural that you would be concerned about them having a smartphone. Cell phone addiction is very much a real issue these days and it can cause all sorts of problems, from actual physical illnesses to things like poor self-esteem and a low quality of sleep. In fact, it can sometimes feel as though all the press we hear about smartphones is largely negative – so it’s little wonder that so many of us are reluctant to buy one for our kids. But what so many of us don’t realize is that actually, there are a lot of benefits to our children having a cell phone, and a smart one at that. Take a look at the following reasons why…


As any parent will know, your children’s safety is one of the most paramount things in your life. But equally, you will also know that it is physically impossible to keep an eye on your kids 24/7, especially as they get older. Getting them a smartphone, can, in fact be a huge part of keeping them safe even when you’re not around. It means that you are only ever at the end of the phone for them, and vice versa, so you won’t be so afraid of letting them leave the house to go a little further afield. You can also install apps on smartphones that track them, so if your child doesn’t answer their phone for whatever reason and you are concerned, you can use the app to track their phone and see where they are.


Whether we like it or not, old cell phones are dying out. You are much more likely to get more for your money when buying a modern smartphone than you are when purchasing a cell phone from 10 years ago (practically a relic in your kids eyes!). Plus, iphone repair is pretty accessible these days, so you can be sure that the smartphone you get is an investment. Smartphones are packed full of things that can actually help improve your child’s quality of life, whether it’s apps to help them study or the ability to have all their music in one place (finally, you can get rid of the pile of CDs taking up space in their bedroom!).

Social acceptance

Trends are very important to kids and always have been – just look back on your own teenage years. Even though technology has become more advanced, nothing has really changed. Children without the latest gadgets are still singled out by their peers, which is something to bear in mind when considering a new phone for your child. Do some research on the best deals available on new smartphones and you never know – you might be able to snap up a bargain.

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