Encouraging Children to See The World From A Different Perspective – Children’s Book

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If I Could Climb Trees is a children’s book by the author Jeff Minich and illustrated by Renan Garcia and is the fifth volume in the Nuggies series of children’s books. The book tells the story of a dog who dreams what it would be like to be able to climb trees and see how the creatures below live. The story follows a dog named Coco who encounters many different animals such as a ladybug and squirrel. ( Read more from the Nuggies Website)


“I’m so pleased to share this latest Nuggies story,” said Jeff Minich, Author of If I Could Climb Trees. “It takes children on a fantastic journey while also encouraging them to consider the world through many different points of view.



If I could Climb Trees encourages empathy and is an excellent way to foster understanding of others who may be different than us.


You can go here to preorder the 32-page beautifully illustrated hardcover book —>>  If I Could Climb Trees – Amazon Product Page and can also receive a FREE Amazon Kindle download between 3/30/17-4/2/17.


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