Life Is A Maze, And You Haven’t Reached The Center Yet!



We can all agree that life is a maze, can’t we? There are twists and turns galore. And, most of the time, we have no clue how to get where we’re going. But, what do all mazes have in common? They have one right path, and an awful lot more dead ends. When there are more dead ends than right choices, things get tough! More often than not, we spend most of our lives going down the wrong path. With a bit of luck, that path is short, and we reach the dead end before we’ve gone too far off course. Often, though, the paths are long and winding, and we veer well away from where we need to be. It’s no wonder that getting back on track can be difficult. The good news is, we’re all in the maze together. Each maze may vary, but the dead ends usually look similar. So, it’s important to take advice from the people who have taken that same wrong route before! If it’s too late to avoid the path, you can at least take their advice about the fastest way to get back on track. If you’re feeling stuck in your dead end, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few dead end situations, and solutions to get you out of them!


We’re starting with debt because this is a dead end that surrounds you at every turn. Once you’re in it, it can feel impossible to get out. In fact, the efforts you do make can often lead to more problems. The best advice we can give is to not get into debt. A loan is never the answer, no matter how tempting it seems. If you can’t afford to do something, don’t do it. It’s as simple as that. Of course, simple is an exaggeration. Sometimes, these things can’t be helped. We all want to keep our families happy, and a loan can often be the only way out. Assuming you’ve already taken out the dreaded loan, it’s important you don’t lose faith. The world of debt is tough, and it can feel lonely. Remember that you aren’t alone. There are companies like Money Expert who can guide you back on the straight and narrow. Such companies can help manage your money, and offer monthly payback schemes that won’t break the bank. And never, EVER, take out another loan to pay off a first. That’s leaving one dead end by finding another, and there’s no way it can end well.




You may be surprised to see renting on this list, but it’s a dead end in disguise. In a world where house prices are ever increasing, many of us are turning to renting. Once you’re in a rental, all your money will be going on rent and bills. How are you meant to save for a deposit when that’s the case? You could argue that a rental is no different to mortgage payments, and that’s true. But, with a mortgage, you know that you’re paying for property. With a rental, you’re throwing money at it with no hopes of ever owning it yourself. At least once you own a house, you have the option of selling it and getting your money back. Money spent on renting is money you’ll never see again. Owning a house is really the only way to make your family’s future more prosperous. So, what can you do? Naturally, you can’t move back into the family home when you have children. As such, there’s no easy way out. The best thing you can do is make do with the cheapest property you can find, even if it’s smaller than you would like. Then, set a strict savings policy for yourself. Work out how much you need to save each month to achieve a deposit. Then, get saving. Patience is essential. Your living conditions may not be ideal for quite a while. But, remember why you’re doing it! If not now, then never.


Too many of us stay stuck in dead end jobs. When we have other financial commitments, like renting or debts, it can sometimes seem like the only option. But, that’s never the case. The only way to get out of a job you hate is to admit to that hatred, and take steps to find something better. First, work out what you would be doing if you could. It’s important you take time with this decision. You don’t want to leave one bad job and end up in another. Then, find out what you need to do to get where you want to be. Again, you may have to practice patience. It might be that you need to do a night course to get the qualifications you need. Or, you might have to take a lot of rejections before you’re finally accepted for a role you’ll be happy in. The key is to keep going. Know that you’re taking steps back to the right path, even though it might take you awhile to get there. And, never sit back and give up. You owe it to yourself to spend your days doing something that makes you happy.




Maybe less severe than the other points, but hard to get out of just the same, are bad relationships. Too many people settle for love that’s less than they deserve. And yet, once you entangle your life with someone else, it can seem impossible to find a way through. That’s particularly the case if there are children involved. We’re not going to lie; there’s no easy trick to this one. You need to know that you deserve better. Keep that in mind, and take steps to separate your life from your partner. If it helps, remember that you’ll then be free to meet someone who is right for you. It’s a terrible feeling, ripping your children’s lives apart. But, it’s better than letting them grow in a loveless home.


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