Handling Your Child’s Sport Injury


As a parent, you’ll already be well aware that children have a habit of getting themselves into situations that leave them with scrapes, bruises, and other minor injuries that usually disappear in a day or two. You also know that they love playing so much that they often do so not fully aware of the risks they’re taking. That’s why each year there are millions of children who pick up in an injury while they’re participating in sports. It’s bad enough to watch your child get injured, but think how hard it is for them! Here’s your guide to making sure your child’s life is negatively affected by sport injuries.





We know that this advice won’t be ideal if the injury has already happened, but it’s worth mentioning that precaution really is the best tactic when it comes to preventing sporting injuries. It’s vitally important that anybody (adults too) who is taking part in physical activity allows their body to thoroughly warm up before they take to the field. Also, it’s imperative that your child has any and all safety equipment for their sport in question. Some injuries can’t be avoided, but many others can be – or at least, their severity reduced – if the correct precautions are taken.


Immediate Aftermath


There’ll be a whole host of emotions flying around in the immediate aftermath of a sporting injury. The important thing is that you stay calm. Really serious injuries don’t happen all that often, so with a bit of luck your child will be mostly fine – just a bit shaken up and in a spot of pain. If it’s an injury that can’t be treated there and then or if you have any concerns, take them to the hospital to make sure there’s nothing more sinister going on under the surface. When the all clear is given, it’s home for an evening in front of the TV with a hot chocolate – that’ll keep them happy!


Going Further


An injury obtained on a sporting field might not fully reveal itself until weeks or months down the line. If your child is suffering from back or musculoskeletal pain that shows no signs of going away, they might need services like those offered by http://waconiafamilychiro.com/  for them to be physically sound again, as physical injuries that affect a child’s spine can have a hugely detrimental effect if it’s not taken care of. Even if the pain is manageable, it’s a good idea to keep them away from the sports field until they’re fully better.


In the Mind

If your child was injured playing a sport they love, you might have to take on the role of child psychiatrist before they’ll take to the field again. If you notice that your child is reluctant to start playing again, or does play but doesn’t “commit” to the game in the same way they used to, make sure you talk to them and reassure them how unlikely it is that they’ll

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