Bad Divorce Advice Every Woman Needs To Avoid



Although everyone likes to think that the love for their partner will never die, it sometimes does die. Or, to use a better phrase, it fades away. When it does, there is only one option: a divorce. Now, going through a separation is hard enough for a woman, but it is even more challenging if you make mistakes. And, you will make mistakes if you listen to conventional wisdom on the matter. Everyone has an opinion, and your friends and family love to offer it in your time of need. If they say any of the following, though, it should be a matter of thanks but no thanks.


Don’t Worry – You’re The Mother


Funnily enough, your first worry isn’t about the divorce; it’s about the kids. As a parent, you want what’s best for them, and you also don’t want to lose them in a custody battle. Sure, lots of mothers have very strong rights when it comes to their children, but they don’t always win. Information on mother’s rights during divorce, therefore, is essential as it provides you what you need to keep the kids. Any mother that believes they will walk away from the process without a scratch isn’t realistic. Dads have rights, too, and sometimes the court believes they are as important as the mom’s privileges.


Take Him To The Cleaners


Of course, you want the best deal possible because you want security in the future. But, that doesn’t mean that you should allow your emotions to get the better of you. Decisions that rely on emotion are often the worst ones because they let the heart rule over the head. In the future, you might have everything you want from a materialistic point of view, yet it could cost you in other areas. If the kids don’t get to see their father or he lives from paycheck to paycheck, they could blame you. Even worse, they could resent you for being so mean. The divide between a parent and their children is never worth it, which is why it’s imperative to be fair.


Move On ASAP


In time, it’s a good idea to move on because you don’t want to stay in the past. However, it takes time to move on, and there is a good reason. The reason is that a divorcee needs to grieve. A divorce is an emotional and painful time, and you need to deal with these feelings before you can be happy. Otherwise, the hurt and the pain will always be there preventing you from leading a fulfilling life. Jumping into bed or a relationship with the first person you see might be a good short-term solution, but it does nothing for the long-term. And, for you, the long-term is what you should aspire to as that is your happy ending.


Oh, and a final tip: surround yourself with the right people. Friends and family are essential, but only if they act in the right manner. People that want to see you lash out for their benefit aren’t good people to lean on during a divorce.


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