Four Ways To Save Your Household Money


At some point, we’ve all made resolutions to start saving more money, although it’s definitely a lot easier said than done. Here are some tips on how to save yourself and your family some money this spring time…


Cut Down On Non Essentials

It’s important to start looking around yourself and figuring out what you actually need in order to be happy. A lot of us have magazine subscriptions that we don’t get around to reading and that pile up and end up covered in dust – cancel them right now and get rid of that guilty feeling every time you see them! You might also have a gym membership that you really don’t use as often as you should. Now it’s spring and the weather’s getting better, it’s a whole lot easier to get exercising without having to do it at the gym – instead why don’t you check out Couch To 5K and start running instead? You could also look on YouTube for yoga classes like Yoga With Adriene for exercise that comes free except for the cost of a yoga mat.

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Look Out For Deals

It’s important to make sure you’re getting as many deals as you can. When you go grocery shopping, make sure you take advantage of any bargains that you see, but don’t let yourself get tricked into buying things that you don’t need just because they’re cheap! You should also look out for coupons in newspapers, magazines and online, and check out sites like Coupon Sherpa for any bargains that you might want to get. Remember that a lot of things are cheaper if you buy them in bulk – go to Costco to stock up on household goods.


Get More Energy Efficient

If your home isn’t particularly energy efficient, it’s time to change that – not only will it make you a whole lot greener and more planet friendly but it’ll also decrease the amount you’ll have to pay for your power bills. Make sure that you turn off lights when you leave a room and try to train your kids to do the same thing, and make the switch from your current light bulbs to ones that are more energy efficient – they’ll use less energy and last for longer so they’re winners all around! Make sure that your home is well insulated, from your walls to your roof (you can buy wadding at any homeware store to improve your roof insulation). Finally, add rugs to the floors to keep the heat in that way so you don’t have to turn on the heating for too long now spring is finally here.


Have Date Nights At Home

Date nights at home can be surprisingly romantic, and also cut down on any costs that you might have to pay if you go out. Get a subscription to a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix and snuggle up under the couch with pizza and beers for a casual night that’s every bit as romantic as a candlelit dinner.

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