Treating by Replacing – The Gifts You Need


As we get older, the ways that we think to treat ourselves change. When we first start off recognizing birthdays and important events, we think that things to entertain ourselves are fun. Toys and games are top of our list, and then it goes into things that we are able to do with others – so trips out, makeup sets so we can get ourselves done up for going out on social occasions, a car so we can drive to see our friends. But when you’re a mom, you just want to relax. You’ve got a home and you’re more interested in the upkeep and decoration … and things that will make your life that little bit easier.


Replace the bedroom


You don’t need to replace the whole bedroom, but little touches in there can make a huge difference. Take a look around at the furniture that you know needs a little update; you could take a look at Serene Furnishings beds for example to see what a new bed and mattress could look like in your room. Have a look at the decor around you – does it need a little lift? Consider the paint colours or wallpaper patterns that you could indulge in to give your room a complete makeover.

Replace the bathroom


Replacing the whole bathroom is a big challenge, but it’s more so about replacing the little things that are lying within it. The treats lie in the items that can be utilized during our relaxing time, whether this is in a bath or a shower. Bath bombs and creamers are always a welcome addition, not least because they make the room smell gorgeous whether they’re being used or not. There are also bombs that you can get for showers which sit by your feet and give off an amazing aroma. They’re more to do with relaxing you in a steam-room sort of way; if you can’t find any in a store, you can make your own.


Replace the kitchen


When was the last time that you treated yourself to a new set of kitchen knives? A new saucepan? A fresh gadget for the kitchen that will make hard jobs that little bit easier for you? If you love cooking, using tools that are way past their prime can be a challenge. It’s almost enough to put you off cooking, but don’t let it get you down; there are shops out there that are dedicated to providing you with only kitchen equipment, and it’s these ones that you need to go and throw yourselves into to see what you could potentially get to help you out. If you already know, make a list and give it to the person who’s in charge of the birthday gifts. You may just find a surprise.


Replace the living room


There’s so much that can be done in a living room, from buying new sofas to switching your TV, but it doesn’t have to be such a big change to treat yourself. Simply adding photo frames, a few houseplants and new cushions for your sofa can have a big impact on how you feel about the room in general.


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