Errors To Avoid When Buying Your First Home


Everyone remembers the first house they bought. It is one of those big steps of the adult life that you can’t ignore. Becoming a homeowner changes your life significantly – for good, of course. Often, home ownership is the first experience with a new world of responsibilities for many young adults. Of course, you have lived on your own before. But the tenant’s life is different. As a tenant, you are not responsible for the home maintenance and safety at the same levels than homeowners. Without mentioning the stress of your first real home insurance, and the excitement of being fully in charged of the decoration, there are also mistakes than most first time homeowners make when they start this new life. Here’s what to avoid when you buy your first home.


Check The Internal Structure Thoroughly

If you think that visiting a house is enough to take an informed decision, think again. Becoming a homeowner means that you have nowhere else to go to if a pipe bursts in the middle of the night. You will be the one who has to pay the plumber for the emergency repair. As a result, you need to proceed to a thorough structure check when you are planning to buy a house. This includes reviewing the age and quality of the water system, electric system, insulation, and overall internal structure. You can even organize expert visits with the approval of the current owner as you are getting close to making an offer.


Consider The Environment

When you buy a house, you need to think into the future and to consider the presence of essentials that will turn your house into a happy home. These essentials relate to the environment of your home, whether it is the potential for green energy, the area the house is built in, or the garden potential. Environmentally-friendly measures are not mandatory in current built designs, but they need to be part of your decision if you want future generations to enjoy their time on Earth too. Additionally, as the home is your sanctuary, you know that you will feel happier if the house is in a safe and clean area. Finally, look out for a house with a big garden, so that you have room for landscaping and extensions in future years.


Maximize Mortgage Deals

It’s not uncommon for first-time homeowners to get a poor mortgage deal. This is because at the time young adults sign a mortgage agreement, their professional career is still very much at the beginning. Additionally, you should look for ways to improve your credit score and your bank account before applying for a mortgage. This implies cutting back on spending, staying out of your overdraft, and paying your bills on time, for instance.


Don’t Rush It

Last, but not least, don’t rush the decision. Naturally, you don’t want to miss on a great opportunity,  but this is worth being open with the current homeowner about your feelings. If you like the house, but you would like to visit it one last time with a friend to get his or her opinion, then be upfront about it. Most homeowners, if they are aware that they are more than one potential buyers, are happy to give you a little time. Don’t take too much time to get back to them, though. Sellers’ patience is not infinite.


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