Fitness Fads or Fast-Tracks


We’re all looking for a quick fix, and nowhere is that more evident that the health and fitness industry. Companies have tapped into the consumer’s desire to look great but with little effort. Healthy food can now be fast and getting abs doesn’t mean agonizing gym sessions. So can you really fast-track your way to fitness, or are these just fads?


De-mystifying The Detox


Detoxes have become the trendy new way to get fit quick. Day long or week long cleanses see participants swapping solid foods for juices, teas, and supplements. It promises to flush toxins out of the body and leave your insides cleansed. Following a detox, a strict diet of fruit and veg is encouraged to settle your stomach


The truth? Our bodies have never needed detoxing, cleansing, whatever you want to call it. Give our bodies some credit, they’re really rather smart. Our bodies don’t need monthly cleanses to remove toxins. Our body has kidneys, a liver, skin, and lungs. All of these components to a perfect job of detoxifying us without the need for kale smoothies. If you are worried your body isn’t functioning correctly in some way you should seek out a doctor, not a smoothie!


Superstar Superfoods?


Superfood also became a popular term used to describe foods which supposedly have terrific benefits for our bodies. Whilst it’s true that broccoli and the likes to help our bodies, often you have to eat a huge amount to see the difference. An occasional portion of sweet potato won’t clear your skin and a few sprinklings of pomegranate seeds can’t reverse ailments. Of course, we should be eating healthy foods, that much is true. If you do want to reap the benefits of these ‘superfoods’ you should eat them in a balanced diet. Restricting yourself to one food group, or a few is unhealthy. Meat, fish, oil, cheese, these foods tend to be demonized. They all provide protein, amino acids, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals. In essence, they help our immune system to function to full capacity.


Lose Weight Fast?


There are so many products out there which claim to zap away the pounds in record speed. A girdle belt is said to redistribute weight to other areas of the body, helping you to achieve an hourglass silhouette. So can wearing a girdle reduce belly fat? The jury is out on these belts, whilst they can help to redistribute weight they aren’t a replacement for a long-term fitness plan.


The truth is, you can’t cheat or rush your way to fitness. The only way to achieve long-lasting results is by eating a healthy balanced diet and exercising frequently.


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