How To Tackle Teething


It’s never nice to see your kids in pain of discomfort. Teething is a natural part of your baby growing up, but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park! The key to tackling teething effectively is to understand what’s happening to your baby, and know how to help and provide support along the way. This guide brings you the low-down on your tot’s teeth and how to soothe a stressed out teether!


What Exactly Is Teething?


Teething is the stage kids go through where they get their first teeth. Typically babies get their teeth in pairs and will get their bottom middle teeth fist. There no set pattern though so don’t be alarmed if they get a few lower teeth before upper ones.


Generally, your baby will develop their lower central incisors at about 6 months. Fast forward to 14 months and your baby will probably have their canines. At 24 months the second molars will probably be visible too.


Symptoms and Signs Your Baby Is Teething

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If your baby is becoming increasingly interested in chewing and gnawing things, this is a typical sign of teething. Babies explore the world by touching and tasting things, but the fixation babied get with chewing is amplified during teething. This is perfectly natural as your baby puts counterpressure on the area where an emerging tooth is coming through. It also helps them to deal with any discomfort.


Red or swollen gums is another sign that a tooth may be trying to come through. Again, this is to be expected so don’t be alarmed. The gum may bulge slightly and your baby may become prone to drooling as they go through teething too.


One of the more unusual symptoms of teething, which leaves a lot of parents baffled, is ear pulling. It’s often confusing when a baby tugs at their ear whilst teething. It actually makes a lot of sense. The ear canal has pain transferred to it via the jaw, which is why it becomes irritable. If your baby is touching their ears a lot this could also be a sign of an ear infection. Keep an eye on them and take them to the doctor if you have any concerns.


Your baby may also want to have softer or liquid foods. Babies who have already moved on to solids may find that they irritate their gums. Alternatively, the counterpressure can feel good, and some babies welcome the harder food.


How To Ease Any Symptoms

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Teething toys are a great way to ease some of your baby’s irritability. Bubbalove online baby store in Australia has great teething toys, one of which is shaped like a banana! Similarly putting binky’s in the fridge is often a cooling and enjoyable sensation for babies with burning gums.


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