Supersize Your Spring Cleaning


If you can wake up to the sound of birds singing to each other while the sun is shining through the window into the bedroom, then you don’t need any further confirmation: Spring has arrived! The flowers in the fields are blooming; the teenagers in the streets are flirting; the skirts are shrinking. Welcome to the spring season! For homeowners, though, spring is also the season of renewal. This is, of course, the time to sort out your wardrobe, your papers, your beauty cabinet, your garage, and even your book shelves if you are feeling motivated. But more importantly, this is also the best time to change your home for the best: Spring is the season of home renovation and home improvement projects. Is it a DIY kit that I see in the corner? You know what to do with it.


Necessary Home Maintenance Projects

At the end of winter, it is not uncommon to start all the necessary repair projects that you have become aware of, in the most unpleasant way during the cold and rainy months of the year. The specialists that homeowners tend to contact during the spring season for all home maintenance repairs tend to include a roofer for all small repair, shingle and eavestrough needs, a window installer to change old windows that let the air come in, and a specialist gardener to trim all the tall and large trees in the garden. This type of maintenance work will make a significant difference on the safety and well-being of the family but doesn’t require an emergency intervention during the middle of the winter. So, from a homeowner’s perspective, this means that you can compare a handful of quotes before taking a decision. Emergency projects leave less room to play with the budget. That’s why keeping regular maintenance projects can help you to reduce the risk of emergency requirements.


The Embellishing Extensions

If you have been planning to improve your home with an extension, spring is the best time to start the work. Indeed, most home improvement projects can take a few weeks up to a few months, so it’s best to start as early as you can and to plan the costs over the period. Favorite home improvement projects include the addition of a conservatory, a kitchen extension that lets the light in, and professional garden landscaping. But there are many others too!


Keep Your Budget Under Control

The most difficult task about this supersized spring cleaning is to manage the household budget. There are ways to save costs by taking a DIY approach if you feel confident enough. If you are in no hurry, you can also compare quotes and discuss the price openly with a couple of suppliers to keep your costs low. Keep in mind, though, that certain types of work such as plumbing or roofing should be entirely entrusted to professionals – this is even a statement in most home insurance. However, you need to keep realistic expectations and to research the market price first. There’s only room for so much haggling, and you know that nobody likes to work for free.


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