Mom Squad: Why You Need One & How Valuable They Can Be



There is a point in motherhood where you have two thoughts that are directly incompatible with one another.


  1. It might really help if I had some other Mom friends to talk to about parenting, to be part of a community that helps one another through everything. (This is especially true if you’re one of the first in your existing friendship group to have children.)
  2. I’m a busy person and I don’t have time for friends, not with work, home life, and raising my child.


They cancel one another out. You can’t suddenly create an extra day of the week so you can spend time with new Mom friends, whose interests and focuses align closer to yours. Yet, despite not having the time, you recognize that friends with whom you share specific interests would be hugely beneficial to you.


Rather than just musing over the issue and then forgetting all about it as you continue through the whirlwind of your days, there’s something worth lingering and considering here. What you need is a Mom Squad – and it’s worth breaking all the rules so you can find the time to have one. Curious as to why? Well…


Reason #1 – Your Childless/Childfree Friends Don’t Always Want To Talk About Kids


Most of the time, your friends will be happy to talk about your child (if they are friends worth having). They just don’t need that all the time, or you might find yourself featured unflatteringly on STFU, Parents. If you acknowledge that then you’re going to know to be careful not to labor the same subject… but that’s not going to stop you wanting to talk about your kids!


A group of Mom friends will be in the same position you are – and as a result, you can natter away about teething troubles and the pros and cons of night lights.


Reason #2 – Your Focus Is The Same (And Not Just Babies)


Thanks to the good old nesting instinct, many women find that motherhood also brings with it a renewed interest in making their home as good as it can be. We want our kids to grow up in a wonderful environment and our minds are buzzing with Pinterest-influenced ideas for decor and design. For your non-parent friends, they might have other focuses that mean they don’t want to discuss the intricacies of wood flooring and the color scheme you’re considering for baby’s room.


So rather than just not talk about these things, a Mom Squad will have an innate understanding – and you could have a new DIY-idea swapper too.


Reason #3 – Being A Mom Can Be Tough


Amidst all the wonders that motherhood brings, there are the inevitable low moments where you feel like you’re not doing enough or are struggling to understand how to cope. While there’s no doubt your non-Mom friends will do their best to understand and help you through, they haven’t lived it, so they can’t know how all-consuming it can get.


Sometimes, you do need someone who has lived it themselves to be able to lift you out of your funk. In these cases, a Mom Squad is invaluable.

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