(War)drobe: The Battle For Bedroom Storage and Style


Sometimes it can feel like a battle between having enough storage in the bedroom, and keeping in it a pleasing and spacious condition. But how can these two aspects be reconciled? Well, read on to find out.


Fitted wardrobes


The first type of storage to help you win the battle that you should consider is the fitted wardrobe. These are storage space that is specifically designed to be built into the available space that you have.



For this reason, they are usually lower profile than a traditional freestanding wardrobe as they can be installed in a recess in the room.


They also put the space available to the absolute best use, because there is no wasted space above the wardrobe as it goes straight up to the ceiling.


Also, you can also have shelves and draws put in where you need them, so they negate the need to have a separate chest of drawers, using the space up in the room as well.



However, wardrobes like this can be expensive to have fitted, and doing them yourself isn’t really recommended. This is because they usually take quite a lot of specific carpentry work, and unless you have extensive experience in this area, they can end up look amateurish and ruin the ambiance of your whole room.


Free standing wardrobes



The next option that you have to win the battle of storage and style is to go for a free standing closet or wardrobe. There is a great number of these on the market, and you can get them in modern, or more traditional styles. Which means it should be fairly easy to find something that fits in with your decor and look attractive in your room.


However, You need to think carefully about the amount of space that you will need and the placing of the wardrobe. This is because the freestanding models can take up a lot of room, and if they are not placed in the right spot, they can dominate the space in your bedroom.



No wardrobes


Now, another option you can consider in the fight between space and style in the bedroom is to go for no wardrobe at all. Radical? Maybe, but it really can work! For example, why not invest in a nice chest of drawers from one of the best furniture stores you know?



Then if you use a tidying technique like KonMari, you won’t even need space to hang your clothes and can fold them instead. Leaving you to reclaim all that space back in your bedroom. Which will make it a much more pleasant and enjoyable room to spend time in.


Additional storage items


Remember too that if the options that you have decided on are not quite enough to store everything you need in the bedroom there are additional items that you can purchase as well.


One of these is an ottoman, or blanket box. Which is an oblong box, upholstered, or wooden that sits at the base of the bed. This can be used to store linens or clean towels. Or it can be put to use as a convenient way of keeping all of your footwear together in one place.


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