Keep Out! Where Your Kids Shouldn’t Play



Childhood should be about having fun, playing games, learning and finding out who you are one baby step at a time. It’s a golden age in our lives where we’re free from responsibility, and the biggest thing we had to worry about is whether we fed the hamster or not, or if we’d studied for tomorrow’s math quiz. However, kids and dark, cramped spaces don’t mix so it’s best that you encourage them to play out in the back garden or in the lounge instead of one of these areas!




Ever seen the creepy horror movie Don’t Go In The Basement? While we’re not suggesting that you’ve got a monster locked up in your cellar, unless the basement has been fully converted and has light, electricity, and carpet it’s not the place for young children. You’ll often find boilers, fuse boxes and other leftover junk in the basement which can be dangerous in little hands. Try to avoid storing old toys there too! Instead check out to see if you can get a monthly discount until they’re no longer interested in looking for old dolls, books and puzzles on a whim.  




Back in the day lots of children would be asked to help out in the garage and be handed tools like drills, jigsaws and cutting knives that would be unheard of today. Depending on what sort of garage you have, over time locks and levers can become faulty which means your child could easily end up trapped in a dark, hot space that smells of petrol for a few hours. Not sure how your garage door works? Visit to book a consultation or a repair on any loose hinges or runners. Garages are also where we tend to have spare steering wheels, jump leads and heavy spare tires plus cans of petrol, matches and packs of batteries ready for any emergency or power cut.


Top Of The Stairs


Playing on the landing is fine if you’ve got a stair gate but all it takes is someone forgetting to close the latch and a child will fall through it likes it’s paper. Older kids should know not to play at the top of the stairs, it’s not safe, and often a fall from three steps up can result in a bad injury let alone an entire flight. Always ensure that stair gates are closed and encourage your children to play on the ground floor or in their bedrooms with the door ajar.


The Driveway


You may think that your children are perfectly safe playing in the drive where you can keep an eye on them from the window but accidents to happen. Often other cars tend to use driveways as a place for turning, or a delivery could suddenly turn up and need the space. Even worse, there have been cases of parents reversing over their own kids because they didn’t realize they were there! Don’t take any chances and bring them to a local park where there’s little to no chance of cars, bikes or vans being a danger.


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