Do You Have A Tooth-Loving Lifestyle?


Everyone dreams of a beautiful selfie picture where you can flash straight, perfect, white pearls. As a result, you are probably aware of most of the teeth whitening tips and kits on the market, from bicarbonate of soda to the latest toothpaste from your favorite brand. But there is more to tooth hygiene than white teeth. Your lifestyle plays an important role on how healthy and sturdy your teeth will be throughout your life. Indeed, if you thought that tooth loss was only reserved for your elderly relatives, think again. Your lifestyle could precipitate the phenomenon.



Not Enough Nutrients

Your body needs you to follow a healthy nutrition to be able to find the fuel it needs to function and fight infections off. In short, the nutrients you consume play a role in your overall health. When it comes to mouth hygiene, you need to focus on vitamins to maintain a natural resistance to infection – This is something you can do with healthy smoothies for example. Besides looking at a regular vitamin intake, you should ensure that your diet contains plenty of calcium, which is responsible for maintaining the mineral density in your bones and teeth. Calcium deficiency is renowned for increasing the risk of tooth loss.



Too Much Partying

A recent survey shows the total alcohol consumption per capita for each state of the USA. As a country, the USA consume over 2.3 gallons of ethanol per capita per year. This is above the established nation-wide objective of 2.1 gallons of alcohol. More importantly, the consumption of alcohol increases the risk of gum diseases which can lead to needing implants to cover for tooth loss before reaching your senior years. In short, next time you go out, think twice before ordering a cocktail at the bar. Your teeth will thank you for it, and so will your liver so this is another story.


No Routine Checkup

When you have a good oral hygiene, such as brushing your teeth at least twice a day and using dental floss too, you can become a little too lax with dental checkups. After all, you may be thinking that you are already taking good care of your teeth. In truth, brushing your teeth doesn’t stop bacterial growth in your mouth, and this is exactly why dental checkups should be part of your yearly to-do list. A routine check can identify problems before they develop too much and before they can cause any serious damage. To sum up, go and see your dentist every 6 to 12 months.


Too Much Sugar

While there is no doubt, that too much sugar can cause tooth cavities if you don’t have a strict mouth hygiene, there is a lesser-known risk of sugar. The increase of sugar contains in processed foods has led to an increase in diabetes in the USA, and over the world. While diabetics are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and eyesight impairment; they are also more at risk for periodontal disease. Indeed, higher levels of insulin resistance are medically associated with gum infection such as periodontal disease. However, diabetes will naturally slow down the healing process, which can eventually lead to severe tooth loss.



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