Transform Your Home With These Simple Remodels


After a few years, your once-lovely home can start showing signs of wear-and-tear. The roof may not be falling in around you, but the house is definitely losing some of the charm that drew you to it in the first place. Perhaps you just want to try something new with the rooms. Do not despair if a full remodel is out of your price range; here are a few small details you can change that will breathe new life into your home.


The Light

If your home has felt a bit dark and depressing lately, maybe it’s time to look at your light sources. Brighten up your rooms during daylight hours by hanging up mirrors in strategic places to reflect the most sunlight into the room. In the evening, however, switch out your lampshades for something in a light colour. A white lampshade will let more light shine through, without compromising on the shading quality. If you’d like to set the mood a little, maybe you could experiment with lampshades that have interesting patterns. The shadows the will cast on the walls will be a new decoration in their own right.

Add some colour

Nothing livens up a house like a fresh coat of paint. White will make the room look brighter and reflect the light when summer arrives, but why not try experimenting with colours? Light blue could be good in the bedroom to promote relaxation. Red is a bold choice and could completely transform the colour scheme of the room. But just to be different, you could try painting the forgotten fifth wall of every room. The ceiling doesn’t get a lot of attention, but painting it a different colour to the rest of the room would be a dramatic change. Use dark blue and some glow-in-the-dark stars to paint a night sky on your kids’ bedroom. Make your dining room feel classy by painting the ceiling a royal purple colour. It will be less time consuming than painting the whole room, but the results are just as spectacular.

The floor

Do you have a carpet that looks a bit threadbare? Do your wood floors not shine like they used to, no matter how often you clean them? Perhaps it’s time to invest in an upgrade, or maybe even switch from one to the other. Each has their own benefits; carpet floors are warm, and more comfortable for walking barefoot, but they are difficult to clean. Laminate wood floors are easier to clean, but they can be a shock first thing in the morning during winter. Check out America’s Dream Homeworks for ideas and offers.

Frame your TV

Your television already takes centre stage, so why not frame it and give your living room a distinctive look. This will be especially easy for a flat-screen TV that is already mounted on a wall. All you would need to do is cut out the back of a frame, and secure it to the screen without obstructing any cables.

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