You Need To Chill Out



Being a mom is exhausting, and we tend to go from fixing one disaster to the next. We don’t just have to get everyone from A to B and then back again, via the rest of the alphabet, we have to be there to solve all their issues, pick up the pieces when they don’t listen to us, support our partners and feed the troops. On top of all this, we even have to find time to deal with our lives.


It’s exhausting just reading that list!


If you have got to the point where you need to unwind, or you are going to burn out, then we have some simple ideas which could help you enjoy a little more relaxing time and take the edge off of your stress levels.


Let’s start with routine. You may roll your eyes here and think, I have been trying to get a decent routine together for the last few years! It isn’t possible. That’s ok; we aren’t trying to patronize you. However, if you can set up routines, then you have more free time to do other things that are fun and relaxing. Lists are your best friend so draw up a daily and weekly list in your journal, for all the jobs and chores that need to be done. Start your week by getting the most stressful ones out of the way first so that you can wind into the weekend with a little less stress. If the school run is one of the things that stresses you out, then get all your prep done the night before. For example, pack the school lunches before you go to bed. If it is dinner time that gives you a headache then check out 20-minute meal recipes and do your shopping with a food planner!


Waiting to find a good 2-hour free space so you can do some of the big cleaning tasks, is pointless. Put your chores into five-minute blocks and do them throughout your open spaces. Even if it is just jumping up and running to hang out the washing before you leave for the school run. Or just folding half the laundry then getting on with lunch. Starting tasks and making progress is better than leaving it all for one moment.


Finally, you need to make some you time. Head out for a monthly body massage to release some of the stress. If that isn’t your thing, then you could get the girls together once a month for lunch and wine.


You should also take small moments each day, time to read, time to get outside and walk. Don’t make your life all about the family. Without you there isn’t a family so, maybe it’s time you chilled out a little and gave yourself a break!


Come on mom! Put your feet up, delegate a couple of jobs and tell the family they need to give you a little more love.


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