Cooking With The Kids – Some Go-To Recipes


Getting creative in the kitchen is great fun at any time – but it can be even more so if you are doing it with your kids in tow. Getting the children involved in the kitchen is beneficial in a number of ways. For a start, it encourages in them an ability and a desire to cook good food from a young age – something that is likely to be useful for as long as they live. But possibly even better than this is the fact that by cooking with your children, you can enjoy sharing in a creative experience together. That is something that you can’t put a price on, and it is probably one of the best reasons to get cooking with your kids. But what recipes should you consider making when it comes to it? Let’s take a look at some of the best.




This is a favourite for pretty much any child anywhere. Everyone loves pancakes, and cooking them with your kids can be great fun. Part of the joy of cooking pancakes is that you can involve your child in pretty much every part of the process. Whether it’s mixing the ingredients together, the all-important act of licking the spoon clean, or flipping the pancake itself, getting your kid involved in this active way is one of the benefits of cooking pancakes with them. Another great thing about pancakes is that there is such variation in them. There are a million different ways to make pancakes and eat them, and this provides you and your kids with a great opportunity for being creative. Take a look at the best american pancake recipes – quick, easy and delicious – MyGreatRecipes has to offer. This should give you the inspiration to get started.




Similarly to pancakes, we can easily say that everyone loves pizza to some extent or another. For sure, kids definitely do, and they might also enjoy cooking them almost as much as eating them. In the same way that pancakes give you the opportunity to get a little creative, one of the joys of pizza is that you can pile on top whatever toppings you and your little ones might be interested in. What’s more, allowing your children to create the dough from scratch is a valuable and useful kitchen lesson, as here they have literally made their own bread from scratch – something which might well be useful in later life. Making pizzas is a lot of fun, so this is well worth considering.


Cakes & Cookies


Who doesn’t love cookies? Let’s not pretend that our kids don’t love the sweeter things in life – and in the kitchen. We all know they do, and this is why cakes and cookies are likely to be among the most popular choices for what to cook with children in the kitchen. The great thing here is that you can get them involved in pretty much any aspect of the process, meaning that they will feel like a genuinely valuable part of the whole deal. This is important, as it will encourage them to do it all the more.

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