Move House Without The Stress!


Moving is one of the most stressful events we can go through in our lives. Which seems silly when you think about it, but anyone who has ever moved their entire life from A to B will completely understand. There are a million things that need to be done, from switching bills to changing doctors and dentists, making sure nothing gets lost and broke and all of the legal stuff involved with buying, selling or signing a tenancy agreement. If you have a house move on the horizon don’t panic- here’s how you can make life easier for yourself.


Start Packing Early

Packing is a lengthy process, and you never know quite how much stuff you have until you come to move. If you’ve been given your moving date in advance, take advantage of this time. Go through the home and declutter, throwing away everything you no longer need. Pack up any items that you won’t be needing in the next few weeks. It’s advised that you start from the top of the house and work your way down, so you could begin in the attic. Be vigilant about your packing, ensure everything is neatly organized, and breakables are wrapped carefully in newspaper or bubble wrap. Write the room each box belongs in on the side, this makes everything a lot easier when you come to unload at the other side.



Use a Moving Company

Instead of attempting the entire move yourself, using movers can make life much easier. Having someone who can move boxes and lift heavy items onto the van can take a lot of the burden off you. Be sure to call up early to secure your moving date, the last thing you need is everywhere to be booked up so you’re stranded on the day!


Have Children and Pets Looked After

Moving day is already tough enough with children and pets under your feet. Moving can be stressful for them too so your best bet is to have them looked after until you’re all set up and ready to go. Ask friends or family members, or hire a childminder. Pets could be housed in a kennel or cattery nearby for a day or two while you get organized if it makes life easier. That way you know they’re not going to get injured or dart out of an open door while everything is being moved.


Pack an ‘Emergency Kit.’

Having your whole life in boxes can throw you a little out of sorts. And when you arrive at the new place, chances are you’ll want to just sit down and relax with something to eat and drink. But with nothing to eat or drink off, you have a slight problem! Pack enough cutlery and crockery for a meal when you sit down that first evening. Even if you order a takeaway, you’ll still need a plate and a fork. Bring some tea towels, bin bags, cleaning products. Not forgetting a bath towel, toilet roll, and some toiletries so you can freshen up after the stressful day! Your phone charger and any important paperwork you need on hand are useful too. Pack it all into a small suitcase, you’ll be glad you did when you arrive at the other side.


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